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Spoilers for 'The Bachelor 2014' Juan Pablo 'Women Tell All': Andi's riled up

Andi Dorfman has plenty to say to Juan Pablo on 'The Bachelor 2014' special Monday
Copyright ABC/Craig Sjodin 2013

Andi Dorfman had a lot to say to Juan Pablo Galavis on ABC's “The Bachelor 2014” after their overnight date, but it seems she wasn't done quite yet. The taping for the “Women Tell All” already took place, and on Feb. 28 E! Online shared an enticing “The Bachelor” spoiler sneak peek into the big confrontation.

Reality Steve's spoilers for the “Women Tell All” note that a current theme through the special is that the women think Juan Pablo Galavis was fairly disinterested and self-centered throughout filming. Based on “The Bachelor” spoiler sneak peek from E!, it seems Andi Dorfman's ready to call him out on it yet again.

Galavis listens to Andi, but then says that “it is what it is." He does try to contradict Dorfman's criticism that perhaps he wasn't really on the show to find a wife, and he says that he took it all very seriously. Chris Harrison asks if there's anything he would change or anything he regrets. Of course the clip cuts off right as Galavis prepares to answer, and everybody will have to tune in Monday to see what else he has to say.

Are the women being too harsh on Galavis with their criticisms? Does Juan Pablo get some clarity and understanding regarding what the bachelorettes found to be disingenuous or frustrating about their experience with him? “The Bachelor” spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that Galavis seemingly feel fine with how he handled things, so it doesn't look like the bachelorettes will walk away feeling like they got through to him.

Tune in to ABC's “The Bachelor 2014” with Juan Pablo Galavis on Monday, March 3 for the big “Women Tell All” special. The ladies are said to be pretty hard on him, and it'll be interesting to see just how much of the criticism ABC airs.

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