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Spoilers for 'General Hospital': What happens to Elizabeth next?

Will Liz survive on 'General Hospital'?
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Fans now know what the “unimaginable” event was that Liz would face this week on “General Hospital.” Spoilers indicate that this will be an event that leads both Nikolas and Ric to feel more drawn to her. What else can fans expect this week? She Knows Soaps shared the latest scoop on April 8.

Elizabeth was shot by Obrecht during Tuesday's episode, and “General Hospital” spoilers indicate that the drama will continue on Wednesday's show. Nik will demand that Britt tell him whether Elizabeth will survive, but luckily other details from upcoming episodes indicate that she will.

“General Hospital” spoilers from Soap Zone note that Ric will reach out to Elizabeth, seemingly at the hospital, and Nikolas happens to walk by and see them together. Ric is pushing hard to get Liz back, and of course Nikolas is going through a range of emotions given all that has happened with Britt, Ben and Liz.

Wednesday Lulu will get Ben back in her arms once again, as Dante brings him back to her. Viewers will get to see a bit more between Madeline and Liesl, and viewers are already speculating about the connection between these two.

Franco wants answers from Carly, and she will ask him if she can trust him with her secret. Sonny reveals to Ava that Carly was told by AJ that the shooting happened because of Ava. Carly is growing more and more suspicious of Ava, and it seems it may not take long before more of Ava and Sonny's secrets are revealed.

There is a lot ahead yet this week for both Sonny and Luke, and fans will be happy to know that Ned's return is just a few episodes away. Tune into “General Hospital” weekdays on ABC to see how it all plays out in Port Charles.

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