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Spoilers for '24: Live Another Day': Chloe opens up to Jack in episode 3

What will Jack say to Chloe in episode 3 of '24: Live Another Day'?
What will Jack say to Chloe in episode 3 of '24: Live Another Day'?
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Jack Bauer and “24” are back, and they are back better than ever. Episode 3 of “24: Live Another Day” airs on Fox Tuesday, and fans are anxious for spoilers. Just what is going on with Chloe? On Sunday TV Guide shared some “24” spoilers that fans won't want to miss.

Monday night Kate will continue her search for Jack while President Heller is set to talk to Parliament due to a big attack. Margot Al-Harazi is looking for revenge, and she's willing to go big to achieve it. As for the tensions between Jack and Chloe, she will open up to him about exactly what she's been through, and it seems that leads to a slight bit of a reconnection between the two.

Jack tells Chloe he needs her help in stopping the plan against Heller, and for now she is willing to help. Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe O'Brian, tells TV Guide that while O'Brian remains angry, Chloe cares about Jack. It seems that she's not ready to bail on Bauer when he needs her, despite the temptation.

The May 12 episode is technically episode 3, covering the 1 p.m. hour, as the first two episodes aired on May 5. Fans who loved the first run of “24” seem thrilled with the show's return. Many are saying that people who never watched the initial run can still easily tune in to “24: Live Another Day” and get caught up in the action without missing a beat.

Fox has set this up to be a limited-run event, as initially reported by Deadline, meaning that it's not intended to be a full return of the series beyond this initial run of episodes. However, viewers are fully embracing the show and are hopeful that perhaps more could be coming. “24” originally ran for a strong eight seasons, and despite its departure fans have remained dedicated and anxious for more. The premiere ratings were solid, giving fans hope that perhaps there's a way to keep it around for a bit.

Just where will Jack Bauer, and Chloe O'Brian, end up by the time all is said and done with this show revival? Fans are definitely anxious to be along for the ride and can't wait to find out. “24: Live Another Day” airs Monday nights on Fox.

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