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SPOILER: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' end credits scene leaked

'Guardians of the Galaxy / Marvel Studios
'Guardians of the Galaxy / Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

The extra bonus scenes during and after the end credits have become a tradition for each an every Marvel movie since "Iron Man" -- which famously teased the Avengers.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" continues this tradition -- and it does not disappoint. Advance screenings for the press did not include end credits bonus scenes for "Guardians" and director James Gunn said the credits scenes wouldn't be revealed until the film hit theaters Aug. 1.

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But the first public screenings of "Guardians" have begun in the U.K. - and now details of the after-credits scene for "Guardians of the Galaxy" have been revealed.

WARNING: the next section contains a brief description of the footage. DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU'RE OK WITH SPOILING THE SURPRISE FOR YOURSELF.

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First of all, there is only one after-credits scene for "Guardians" - and it begins immediately after the end credits.

The scene begins with The Collector (Benicio Del Toro), bruised and battered after his sequence in the film. He has a thousand-yard stare as he sits amid rubble (the aftermath of "Guardians") and he begins to drink from a green goblet. A dog named "Cosmo" -- who appeared earlier as a captive in the Collector's museum -- approaches the Collector and licks his face.

Just then, a voice with a thick New York accent pipes up. "You're going to let him lick you like that?"

The screen pans over to an anthropomorphic CGI character, dressed in a red suit and tie, also holding a green goblet. "Gross" he declares before drinking from the goblet.

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It's the master of Quack-Fu himself: Howard the Duck!

Howard was last featured on film in the critically reviled and overall confusing 1986 live-action movie "Howard the Duck" -- a bizarre movie too adult for kids and too childish for adults. Howard has been an obscure character in the Marvel comics universe since his first appearance in 1973. The ill-tempered, cynical cigar-loving duck has since become a reluctant superhero (albeit without any super powers) who has worked alongside prominent Marvel characters like Doctor Strange and Spider-Man.

Howard the Duck's appearance makes absolute sense, then in the "grounded" Marvel Cinematic Universe established in "Iron Man." The Marvel films now live in a universe where magical hammers and gun-toting raccoon bounty hunters also exist.

And now the surly resident of Duckworld who is "trapped in a world he never made" is a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, alongside Ice Giants, Iron Man and Thanos.

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