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Spoiler: Arthur Chu's Jeopardy streak ends

Arthur Chu's incredible streak on 'Jeopardy' ends
Arthur Chu's incredible streak on 'Jeopardy' ends
Arthur Chu/Jeopardy

Arthur Chu's remarkable winning streak on Jeopardy came to an end today when he missed the Final Jeopardy question during his 12th appearance on the long-running quiz show. Deadspin reports that Chu's final question had to do with British Royalty.

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A voice over actor from Ohio, Chu has attracted negative reaction from many viewers for his jumpy style of game-play which involved hopping from one category to the next at random while hunting for the Daily Double questions early in each round. His interview style and habit of cutting off host Alex Trebek when selecting clues has been widely lampooned on fan message boards.

Fans of the unlikely star shouldn't feel too bad. Going into today's game, Chu had already won $297,200 and was ranked third all-time in regular season winnings. This is almost certainly not going to be his final appearance on Jeopardy, either, as his huge winnings virtually assure him a spot in the show's annual Tournament of Champions.

Chu will be live tweeting tonight's episode, as he has every night of his run, starting at 7:00 p.m. Eastern.


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