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Spoiler alerts for ‘Y&R: Will Victor and Chelsea find Chloe and Connor?

Spoiler alerts for ‘Y&R: Will Victor and Chelsea find Chloe and Connor?-slide0

“The Young and the Restless” fans watched in disbelief as Chloe managed to leave the country with Chelsea’s son Connor. Chloe managed to leave Genoa City and headed to Paris using Chelsea’s passport. Will Victor, Chelsea and Chloe’s ex-husband Kevin Fisher find Chloe before it is too late?

Spoiler alerts for ‘Y&R: Will Victor and Chelsea find Chloe and Connor?
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Victor, Chelsea and Kevin dashed off to Paris in pursuit of Chloe and Connor. But will the trio find Chloe before she disappears again? According to an email dated Feb. 22 from a source, on Monday, Feb. 24, Victor, Chelsea and Kevin discover Chloe at the Parisian home that Adam had purchased. Though it is under renovation, Chloe chose this location in which to take Connor after leaving Genoa City.

Victor speaks calmly to Chloe, thanking her for taking such good care of Connor. Speaking softly, Victor tries to reason with Chloe, reminding her that Connor is Chelsea and Adam’s baby. Newman asks Chloe to please give baby Connor back to Chelsea. She refuses, saying, “No, Connor belongs here with me. Because I deserve him, you don’t.”

Victor and Chelsea continue their attempt to reason with Chloe, but she will not budge. Chloe lashes out at both of them saying to Victor, “You made Adam” and then turning to Chelsea she says, “And you loved him. And he killed my daughter. You don’t deserve this baby,” she tells Chelsea. Then she says to Victor, “Neither of you do.”

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