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Spoiler alert for ‘Young and the Restless': Sharon asks Nick for help

Sharon was outside chasing down the Cassie lookalike when Nick came out to check on her. The couple narrowly escaped the hostage situation inside the “Delia Project” Gala at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Will Nick and Sharon grow closer as they try to discover the truth behind Cassie’s reappearance in Genoa City?

Spoiler alert for ‘Young and the Restless: Sharon asks Nick for help
Rachael Monaco
Spoiler alert for ‘Young and the Restless: Sharon asks Nick for help
Rachael Monaco

Sharon turns to Nick for help after her confrontation with “Cassie” at Chancellor Park. According to an email dated Feb. 16 from a source, Sharon and Nick will find themselves drawing closer together on “The Young and the Restless.”

Spoiler alert: What will happen on Monday, Feb. 17 on “The Young and the Restless”?

Nick finds Sharon at Crimson Lights and asks her why she ran off. Sharon explains that she has seen Cassie everywhere, that she has touched her. Sharon tells Nick that she is truly scared by what is happening.

Nick sympathizes with Sharon, saying that he misses Cassie, too. He reminds Sharon of happier times when they owned Crimson Lights. “Every time I walk through those doors I expect Cassie to come running in from this patio, jumping in my arms and give me a hug,” Nick tells Sharon.

As the two continue to talk, Nick reminds Sharon that it is impossible for these sightings to be occurring. Sharon assures Nick that she has been going to therapy, she is back on her medications and they are working. “Why is this happening?” Sharon asks. “I wish I knew” Nick replies. “I need it to stop. Nick, please help me. Make this stop” Sharon pleads as tears well up in her eyes. Nick’s facial expression softens and then the couple clasps their hands together. Nick suggests that Sharon call her therapist and make an emergency appointment and that he will go with her. "Whatever's going on with you, you're not dealing with it without me. Not anymore."

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