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Spoiler Alert; 'Amish Mafia' reveals Esther Schmucker's double life

Spoiler alert for fans of “Amish Mafia.” Esther confesses that she is leading a double life, according to Enstars, March 28, 2014.

Esther Schmucker
Discovery Channel

This week, Episode 11: The Bear, left off with Esther going to Atlantic City to find Lebanon Levi. She found him in a hotel room with another woman. It seems that Levi leads a double life as well. However, next week’s episode, Doppel Leben, will tie in with what happened to Esther in real life when Imir R. Williams severely beat her.

The previews clip indicates that Esther is missing. It shows a crowed street, with Esther’s brother John saying, “I’ve been looking for Esther everywhere.”

Another teaser shows Jolin and Levi talking when a call comes through on Levi’s cell phone. Levi answers. You can hear the concern in his voice as he asks, “What happened? Are you all right?”

The scene ends. Another scene flashes to Esther sitting in the confession barn. Esther is seen with a black eye and she is crying. She relates what happened the night that Imir abused her. "He was losing his temper, he locked the doors, he locked all the windows....cheekbone's fractured, nose is fractured in two different places, my teeth are broken out." She shows the visible damage of her teeth to the camera.

In the next scene, Esther is standing before Levi. Apparently, she told him what happened. He steps out of the room and screams, while John looks horrified. Levi states, “We’ve got something to take care of right now. We’re going to take care of it. I'm not going to tolerate these English men coming in and beating up these Amish women. It's going to stop."

After that, you see an assault gun on a crate, John holds a knife, and Caleb with a bat. They give the appearance that they are going to take care of things Amish mafia style.

Esther was dating a non-Amish man, rapper Imir R. Williams, On the night of Halloween, he severely beat Esther in the face. He was so vicious that he broke her nose, fractured her cheekbone, and broke several of her teeth from his blows.

Fans have waited for this scene since the news broke that Imir assaulted Esther. They wondered how the producers were going to explain this series of events. Tune in to watch "Amish Mafia," Tuesday at 8 p.m. central on the Discovery Channel.

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