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Splitting a state: A bad idea

Splitting a state into many different political parts seems like a sign of voter frustration. The nightmare of actually doing such an initiative is endless. Why would anyone think of such an idea ? It not a new idea because both Texas and California have consider such a fiasco. It has never been passed by either state. If it did pass, other states might consider such madness. Would Alaska be next? Granted there is more than enough frustration out there but considering such an initiative would not really solve anything. Also, Texas, California and Alaska are big states which may seem unmanageable. Unfortunately, it is an issue that comes up more often than not, especially California. What would this type of issue do to administering health care? Would it further divide an already divided union? Did we and other nations not try this centuries ago? What was the result? Just look at the examples of Italy and the Middle East and see the conflicts that have arisen from these experiments in goverance. We should think long and hard before even consider such complicated issues. How long would this sort of measure last before it would ultimately collapse and what sort of compromises would we have to make to bandage all the wreakage caused? Things may not be perfect now ,but they are manageable at least. There is a push to revisit this issue ,but to what end? Are there not other just as serious issues to consider in 2016 that might be more productive in addressing similar issues that this particular issue raises?

David Ogden

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