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Split Screen Solution for Minecraft on Xbox without HDMI cables

Minecraft for Xbox

Working mothers are required to solve issues at the work place and at home. You would assume that finding creative solutions to gaming systems issues would not be high priority on the weekend amongst grocery shopping, cleaning, and organizing for the upcoming week. However these days, Xbox seems to be getting pushed up on the priority list.

The challenge this weekend surrounded a well known game called Minecraft. The actual issue was to determine the ability to split the screen to allow two players on an older High Definition (HD) television that did not accommodate a HDMI port. It may sound impossible, however, with the use of good-old Google and YouTube, the solution was somewhat simple.

The HD Component AV Cable for Xbox 360 can be found at most stores that sell Xbox products. The connection requires the Red, Blue and Green cables into your HD television. Once connected, on the Xbox Settings menu click "System Settings." On the System Settings menu, click "Console Settings." On the Console Settings menu, click "Display." On the Display settings menu, click "HDTV."

On the HDTV settings, choose a setting higher than 720p or higher. The suggestion would be to click the level just higher than 720p, which may be 1080i. Once selected and confirmed, the split screen capability for Minecraft should be an option.

Upon starting the Minecraft, enable the second controller. The game will prompt the second player to click on the "START" button on the second controller. This will result in a split screen for both players to participate in the game.


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