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Splendid Glass Extensions for Your Home

It is far from unusual to add an extension to an existing house, but constructing one made of glass is a whole different story. You’ll hardly find a better material if getting in touch in nature and the surrounding landscape is what you’re after, but not at the expense of losing the comfort of being indoors. It is a common misconception that glass extensions only looks good on a contemporary home, as can they also go more than well with more traditional architecture.

If you have a modern structure to expand, glass additions can perfectly blend into your existing structure. For instance, adding one at the rear of your property can open it up, offering an interrupted view of your beautifully arranged garden a creating a seamless connection between the interior and exterior. Glass walls also let in abundant natural light, thus transforming the entire house, not just a portion of it.You can learn more about it by checking out this lovely guide.

Glass extension can also create a joyful marriage of old and new. Opting for one such expansion to a gorgeous, impressive traditional structure often reflects its owner’s desire for a touch of new. These features can also be used for revealing a space which was original unused. For example, you can build a glass extension between the exterior walls of your, as this will allow you to actually use this space, perhaps as a lounge area. As it is made of glass, this feature won’t disrupt the original architecture and design of your house.

If the entire house shares the same open and transparent design as your extension, there will be a lovely cohesion and balance throughout. Glass provides a quite simple yet dramatic look. An extension can be entirely made of glass; for instance, glass fin columns can be connected to toughened glass beams, providing optimal transparency.

Naturally, you don’t have to make the entire extension of glass. Using key elements of the existing structure, such as the pitched roof or locally sourced stone,can result in a contemporary extension with the traces of the original main structure.

Another cool idea for using glass extensions is to have your patio or porch covered. Glass walls will let in plenty of light, creating a relaxing spot, ideal for enjoying breakfast, lounging, entertaining guests, or simply getting immersed in a good book. In case you don’t want to have entire walls constructed for this purpose, you might want to go with glass balustrades. Available in a wide range of finishes, these glass feature scan suit almost very setting and not interfere with the overall design of your property, tell us the people form the reputable Sydney-based Dimension One Glass Fencing.

Glass extensions are also a good option when there are building restrictions in the area. For example, the owners of this house wanted to replace a semi-derelict part of their house with the most minimal new structure. They opted for this glass extension for the rear of their house.Stone old cabin.This extension contains an enclosed living room and it’s a pavilion which offers panoramic views of the surroundings. The extension contrasts with the existing building but this only makes it more interesting. If this wasn't enough glass for you, perhaps you should also consider some stylish glass furniture.

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