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Drudge Report editor: SkyGod Obama 'splat coming'

President Obama smiles for the camera.
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Oh mighty SkyGod! Drudge Report editor Joseph Curl warns, "There's a mighty splat coming soon." Obama is a political "SkyGod," a term which sounds like a compliment but isn't because it's about ego and self-perception, not about competence nor skill. According to Curl's Wednesday Washington Times article, Curl says President Obama is in a belly-to-earth free fall,"like a skydiver plunging toward earth. Except he doesn’t have a parachute."

As Obama's political descent accelerates so much that his approval rating barely tops 40 percent, only 29 percent of Americans believe Obama has the country "on the right track." Americans are trapped, viewers of a tragic spectator sport with facts so undeniable many Democrats "wish he'd just stay away," observed Curl.

Obama is fighting back at politicians and media pundits who claim his presidency is "over." According to a headline on the Drudge Report, in the face of scandals at the Veterans Affairs and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Obama is defending the competency of government agencies while acknowledging that "government employees do some boneheaded things."

"Horrific" details continue to emerge in the Veterans Affairs scandal and the fire under the IRS scandal, according to Drudge Report headlines, is far from extinguished. On the world front, many fear Obama's foreign policy is in the control of terrorists.

In addition to Obama's other home front problems, House Speaker John Boehner is readying a lawsuit over the president's executive orders. Such a lawsuit has gained credibility based upon recent Supreme Court decisions against the Obama administration. Reflecting the Supreme Court's unanimous decision to strike down Obama's recess appointments, yesterday the Drudge Report had a photo of Obama with the headline: "Not a king!"

In spite of twelve cases in which the Supreme Court found against him, Obama appears defiant and fearless. He defends using his phone and his pen, refusing to apologize, "for trying to do something, while they're doing nothing," Obama called John Boehner's lawsuit, "a stunt."

Curl believes the American economy is also in a free fall. First, Curl mentioned, the Obama administration released a rate of growth for the first quarter,claiming 0.1 percent growth. Less than a month later, the numbers were changed; the economy, it was reported, had shrunk by one percent. Then again, the numbers had to be altered. "On Wednesday, the Commerce Department said 'Oops, make that 2.96 percent,' the 17th worst GDP quarterly performance in U.S. history," wrote Curl.

The Drudge Report is pointing to an article about employment growth. It's a "shock study" revealing "all employment growth since 2000," has gone to immigrants, legal and illegal. According to the in-depth report, native Americans are losing the battle for jobs in astounding numbers which make a lie of all of the claims that immigration reform is necessary to cover the gaps unqualified Americans can't fill.

The article spells out the numbers in startling clarity. That's why many consider it unfortunate that Democrats chose to block a measure to stop illegals from getting jobs, benefits in USA. However, according to the Drudge Report, today, immigration advocates are storming the White House, planning to "occupy" the White House, in their protest of Republican's reluctance to pass immigration reform which includes amnesty.

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