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'Splash Dash' on iOS and Android

Splash Dash on iOS and Android
Capedy LLC

Splash Dash on iOS and Android is a perfect example of why people spend hours perusing the app marketplaces for hidden gems.

While the game has all the familiar qualities of an endless runner, Splash Dash offers a different take on one of the most popular genres in mobile gaming. Instead of running, jumping and sliding — Splash Dash has gamers guide a bouncing frog through a plush, beautifully animated 3D environment.

The game boasts beautiful colors and an extremely intelligent mechanic. The tilt-to-maneuver controls are very intuitive, and the power-ups are easy to use and plentiful.

The only commonplace feature is the goal of the game: Move the character as far forward as you can before hitting an obstacle or being killed by an enemy. It’s impossible to reinvent the wheel when it comes to runners, but Splash Dash differentiates itself with an expertly crafted environment and great replay value.

Splash Dash is definitely a kid-friendly game, but it also has solid replay value for adults. The difficulty curve rises as the user progresses, and the game can become quite challenging for skilled players.

Since the explosion of Temple Run years ago and the sequel in 2013, there have been a lot of great (and pretty awful) runners in the app marketplaces. The developers behind Splash Dash have not only built a fun game, but they’ve managed to stray outside the status quo. It’s definitely worth downloading.

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