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Spiritually Plug In

This week I have been reading and studying about the Law of Attraction. I have been putting into practice some of these concepts and have found them to be essential in calling what it is that I want in my life.

For so long I wondered why was it that all of these passions and desires were inside me, but never yielding any results. I have found out that I wasn’t using the God given tools that were placed in front of me. I was operating at my lowest level of vibration, therefore attracting all of the things that I did not want. I searched for the solution in things that were not going to yield any results. i.e. Husband, Boyfriends, Friends, Family. I had essentially plugged in to the wrong frequency. I had spiritually disconnected and connected to negativity, fear, and disbelief. I needed to reconnect. I needed to get Spiritually Plugged In.

One of the tools that so many fail to use is the Law of Attraction. By not using this essential tool we fail to attract what we want into our life and skill of that is never perfected, and used to its fullest potential. Using this concept takes consistency and determination, to ultimately yield the results that your looking to create in your life.

To practice the Law of Attraction in your life, I have learned that you must:

Ask , Believe and then be Open to Receive.

Many of you have the Asking part of this concept down. We ask for what it is that we desire and then we sit and WONDER how it is going to happen. This is where we make the mistake. HOW and WHEN IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. Take the how out of your thought process, it’s blocking you from your destiny. You don’t need to know exactly what’s in your future, you just need to act on the understanding that you have one.

After you ask, you need to focus on BELIEVING. No need to ask more then once. Start BELIEVING.

How do you believe, you ask? Well that takes some bold radical out of the box thinking. You need to operate as if what you have asked for is already in place and you have received it. You want that Bentley, that Rolls Royce. Believe that you will have it. Prepare to receive it. Tests drive one, experience what it is to drive a Bentley or Rolls Royce. Attract it into your life.

You’ve asked for that six bedroom six bath, three-car garage home in a gated community, start visiting them. Walk through a home that looks similar to what you’ve asked for and experience how it feels to walk through those doors and believe that it will be yours.

If you are looking for that husband or wife you have to act and feel as if you already have that person. Whatever it is that you have asked for you have to BELIEVE that is yours and you will have it.
Sitting and wondering how these things are going to take place, is only going to keep you from attracting what it is that you asked for. Essentially you have created a roadblock that you have yet to move out of your path. Worrying about the How and When is causing you to operate at your lowest level. When operating at your lowest level you operate in worry, fear and disbelief. In order to attract the things you desire, you need to be operating at your highest level, where Expectation and Confidence lies.

Now you must activate the final step. That is being open to RECEIVE. This means that you have to essentially expect to receive what it is that you requested. You have to affirm to yourself and the world that you will receive it. Say out loud what you’ve asked for, what you believe and what you will ultimately receive. Being open to this truth is setting yourself up to RECEIVE what it is that you want.

Meditate on these things:

ASK and you shall RECEIVE
SEEK and you shall FIND

Start on your Vision Board, put up those Affirmations and call what it is that you want in your life into your life. You can expect nothing more then what you accept, so accept nothing less then the BEST!!!

Spiritually Plug In and Move with Purpose!.

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