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Spirituality 101: What is Wicca?


Spirituality 101: What is Wicca?/Image by Nyo/Wikimedia CommonsWicca is a neo-pagan religion that promotes oneness with the divine and everything that exists. Wiccan's appreciate everything in nature - from a breeze that rustles its way through the hair, a drop of dew resting softly on a leaf, to the beauty of the setting sun. Wicca is a way of life, a spiritual belief system, an ancient religion today's Wiccan's strive to reconstruct.

There are many different Wiccan traditions:

Solitary Witches practice alone no matter which tradition they follow.

Kitchen Witches blend ceremony with everyday life and are centered on hearth and home. They blend healing and spellwork with things they do everyday in the home from cooking to cleaning.

Dianic Tradition is a blend of various traditions focusing on the goddess-aspect. Followers of this tradition are usually all female.

Ceremonial Tradition is full of complex, magickal rituals with Masonic, Egyptian, or Quabbalistic influence.

Celtic Tradition follows the Celtic and Druid Pantheon and are very respectful of nature. They are knowledgeable of the magickal qualities herbs and plants possess.

Alexandrian Tradition was created by Alexander Sanders in the 1960s and is based on Gardnerian Tradition.

Eclectic Wiccans do not follow one strict tradition, rather, they study all traditions and pick and choose elements of various traditions depending on what works best for them.

British Tradition is a Gardnerian-Celtic tradition blend. Those who follow the British tradition follow the Farrar teachings, train using a system of degrees, and their covens have both male and female members.

Wiccan's honor gods and goddesses representing some aspect of the deity, though members of the Dianic Tradition follow only the feminine aspect and completely discount the god-aspect. They believe in a universal force that exists in everything and that magick will manipulate the force through an act of will.


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    Very thorough! I'll be interested to read more of your Spirituality articles in the days ahead.

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    I didn't realize there were so many different forms of Wicca.

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