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Spiritual Wisdom from Birdie!

This is Birdie!
This is Birdie!
This is Birdie in her office the day Leigh, Diane and I went to visit her in Cassadaga!

Dear Readers, Diane Diaz, Leigh Herr, and I took a ride to Cassadaga this past Saturday—I wanted to interview Birdie for this column because she is one of the most powerful and gifted psychic mediums I’ve ever had the honor to meet. Over the years, she’s brought through many messages for me from the other side, and she’s given me a great deal of clarification regarding situations I found myself in. I wrote about Birdie in my book, Spiritual Toolbox, I mentioned her in a previous column I wrote about Cassadaga, and today I’m very happy to bring some special tidbits of wisdom direct from Birdie to you.

When I met with Birdie last weekend, we talked about her childhood experiences after her gifts made themselves known at age four. She shared with me that when she started giving readings, her Grandfather would ask her, “How much did you make lying today?” Upon hearing this, I first had a large intake of breath, followed by a great big sigh. Whether we work with Spirit to give messages like Birdie, take dictation from Spirit through automatic writing like me, or we’re on our own personal Spiritual journey (and who isn't?), many of us have had to face this kind of thing from family and friends at one point or another.

The point I want to make here is that sometimes we all have to reach deep into our hearts and souls to find the determination and strength necessary to move forward on our paths, and Birdie has had to this many times over. When I started sharing the information I received from Spirit in my books and in this column, I expected to hear from people who questioned what I was doing, but I truly don’t know what I would have done had my Grandfather said something like that to me.

It takes a very determined soul to move forward on his/her mission amidst adversity; especially so when it comes from the people closest to us. Birdie’s aunts used to tell Birdie’s kids not to pay attention to her because she was “crazy.” When I asked Birdie if she ever thought or felt she was crazy, she replied, “I never thought that I was crazy; I always thought that my family members were the crazy ones!” Oh how I loved hearing that and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! I learned so much from and about Birdie during our chat on Saturday, most of which I’m going to save for a future project; but as promised, here are some important insights from Birdie:

  • Everyone is born psychic, everyone can develop their skills, and everyone can communicate directly with Spirit if they want to.
  • We are in physical body so that we can live in this atmosphere. It’s like when we go into the water—we have to have air tanks on so we can survive. Our bodies are like an air tank for us to be able to learn and grow on planet Earth. We are here to learn.
  • There are no secrets from Spirit. Spirit knows every thought we have and they hear the words we say. Spirit speaks to us all the time—they put thoughts into our heads to get us to take action that will benefit our Spiritual growth.
  • Many times Spirit will give ideas to several people so that at least one of them will carry the idea through to fruition. This is why more than one person often comes up with the very same idea.
  • Jesus says we can do as well as him, if not better, if we choose to.
  • If we don’t give up our power, others won’t be able to control us.

Birdie was very clear to me about her own personal mission and the fact that she loves what she does. She's here to help people make progress, and she loves being able to give messages to folks from their loved one. In fact, her gift for giving folks the names of their loved ones as they come through makes her especially happy. Birdie’s connection to Spirit is vibrant, and here’s what she’s personally working on to improve her own skills: She wants to be able to bring Spirit in so strongly and completely that the person having the reading can actually see who's talking them during their session. I find the fact that she has this goal immensely inspirational: Even with all she’s accomplished, Birdie still continues to learn and grow, as should we all! Oh, and by the way, I don't doubt that she'll accomplish this goal. Namaste.

Birdie is a world-renowned psychic , medium, and certified spiritual counselor. To contact Birdie, please call her at 386-228-0266 (she does readings over the phone as well as in person). Her office is located at 1500 Cassadaga Road, Cassadaga, FL.


Thank you for reading my column! For more about me and my books (which are channeled from Spirit via automatic writing), please visit my website at, where you will also find my workshops on CD, one of which walks listeners through three ways to directly communicate with Spirit. If I can do it, so can you!

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