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Spiritual Wellness Month? Who knew?

Flowers are one sure sign of spring, right?
Flowers are one sure sign of spring, right?
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

            Did you know March was also  National Spiritual Wellness Month? Well, I didn’t either. I know that it seems contrived to dwell on issues because someone was able to have a day or a month declared honored for such-and-such an event. However, there is such a thing as a reasonable sign from above. We often ask the Divine to “please give me a sign” and then, when a billboard pops up, we will drive right by it – probably still praying for a sign. 

            I heard a joke one time about a man, Mr. Smith, who was in the middle of a flood with rising water coming up to his porch. 

             “Dear Lord,” He prayed, “Please send me your help!” but no Angels appeared to carry him to safety. A little while later, however, a little row boat came by with Farmer Jones rowing for all his might. 
            “Mr. Smith!” Called out Farmer Jones, “Get in the boat before the water rises!” But Mr. Smith declined. He said that he had prayed for God’s help and he would have faith that God would provide. 
            Well, the water continued to rise and Mr. Smith had to climb to his roof to avoid being swept away. He wrung his hands in prayer and called out the Lord.
             “Oh, God!” He prayed,  “Please send help! I have faith that you will save me!” He cast an eye to the pouring sky in desperation but no Angels appeared to save him.   A little while later, a helicopter flew over with Sheriff Yurt hanging out the side of it.
            “Mr. Smith!” Called Sheriff Yurt, “Take this rope so we can save you! The water is rising to fast!”   But, of course, Mr. Smith declined. He said that he had prayed for God’s help and he would have faith that God would provide. 
            Shortly thereafter, the water swept over the house and Mr. Smith drowned. He found himself dressed in a white robe standing before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter smiled and welcomed him warmly, for he had been a faithful man. 
            “I have one question,” Mr. Smith asked shyly.
            “Of course, my child,” St. Peter smiled.
            “Why did the Lord not save me from my roof?” Mr. Smith seemed stricken. “The water was rising so fast and I was so scared!”
            “Huh?” St. Peter looked confused.
            “The Lord didn’t save me from the flood and I prayed so hard! No angels ever came to carry me to safety!”
            “I don’t really know what you want to expect, he sent a rowboat and a helicopter but you wouldn’t take either one!”
            Well, I have to admit I laughed pretty hard when I heard that joke. Mostly it was because I could relate to it so much. How often had I prayed and prayed for help and then turned a blind eye to the glaring answer that presented itself to me? Far to often, and that’s the honest truth. 
            My point is that we don’t often accept the signs we pray for. I have a friend who says that some people wouldn’t believe in God if he showed up with a state issued driver’s license and two other forms of picture ID. They are so set in their ways and their own narrow explanations to see anything else. They are willing to believe absolutely ANY other explanation for the universe besides a Divine one – no matter how silly or impossible. 
            What signs are you ignoring in your life? Are you even looking for them? Are we so busy in our lists of daily duties and constant cell phone conversations to take a moment to just look around and listen for the voice of the Goddess in our hearts? 
            If you pray for help, look for the answer. The answer to the question we ask may not be the one we expect. If you already knew all the answers, why did you ask in the first place? Be willing to accept help when you see it and answers when you find them.


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