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Spiritual warfare is real

There is a reason evil continues to advance....and that is tied to spiritual warfare
There is a reason evil continues to advance....and that is tied to spiritual warfare

The most dynamic human being God in the flesh as Jesus Christ believed spiritual warfare is real. The Bible prophets of old all knew. The apostles of Christ knew. Paul being the Pharisee of all Pharisees was well acquainted with spiritual warfare.

For some illogical reason there is a false assumption being perpetuated in places as the Silicon Valley that spiritual warfare does not exist because we are too sophisticated, too intelligent, and too cultured to have the idea that demonic forces could be at work behind the scenes. After all, the last demonic spirit disappeared with the death of the last apostle, right?

Never mind the movies, television, or books…I have witnessed demonic activity myself. One could wager that somebody immediately wants to call the “funny farm” on my behalf and have transportation dispatched post haste.

The Bible clearly articulates that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” according to Ephesians 6:12.

The idea that spiritual beings in the form of angels walking about in our three dimensional world sounds superstitious and silly, however the Bible clearly establishes the presence of angels by rank as angels, principalities, powers, arch-angels, dominions, thrones, virtues, cherubim, and seraphim. The Bible records angels being able to manifest themselves based on God’s purposes or assignments.

Unlike God’s human creations that have complete autonomy, angels apparently have a strict code of conduct that must be adhered to here on Earth. Angelic beings that disobeyed as the angels that rebelled prior to Noah’s time suffered judgment to the Abyss. The Bible also records a rebellion in heaven by Lucifer and one third of the angels which resulted in being kicked out of heaven.

Many assume that Lucifer and his demonic spirits are a source of much tribulation, evil, and suffering in the form of unclean spirits. One can easily believe based on Bible theory that the source of evil does have a connection to spiritual influences.

It is a disturbing trend how those as mass murderers can be empowered by demonic activity to accomplish their wicked devices. The composite is extremely similar; disturbed individuals that see demons or hear voices that have connected themselves by some type of activity as drugs, the occult, pornography, violent video games, or loud music. Demons need a vehicle from the cooperative host to allow them influence.

Talk to law enforcement, talk to doctors, talk to first responders that are the ones on the scene to a horrific incident. It is consistent that “he or she seemed like such a nice person”. The repeated theme is nobody dreamed this was capable in their character. Well, for the most part the assessment is quite correct.

The transformation into evil can take place in a split second due to rage, acidic emotions, drugs, alcohol, or demonic symbolism that gives the right for demons to operate. The host typically prepares their body for iniquitous activity that will explode forth in violence and mayhem. The coup de grace comment usually is, “how could they have done this?”

Some individuals are a lightning rod for disaster and subscribe to the convenient label of “bad luck”. As one person left the hospital for the umpteenth time in one year, they remarked that their circumstances were the result of “bad luck”.

I immediately corrected, “There is no such thing as bad luck.”

The microcosm of woe was a combination of bad decisions that empowered the forces of evil to operate and create havoc to their life. There are spiritual reasons why the enemy has a bulls-eye on individuals and operates with impunity.

There is absolutely no other rational explanation why so much misery is rained down on certain people.

There are messengers of God in the form of angels that interacts with human beings. The Bible in Hebrews 13:2 declares, “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” There are substantial accounts of people in distress having a stranger suddenly appear and disappear without rational explanation. The reasons are various, nevertheless these incidents do take place.

Satan loves to counterfeit what God does so you can reasonably assume that demonic forces can appear and disappear as well. People under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or have used spiritual symbolism consistently talk of “seeing strange things or hearing voices”. The consequence of stripping away the membrane that separates the physical from the spiritual realm can result.

In 1 John 4:4 the standard of “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world” sets the bar for spiritual authority and control. Having the spark of the divine within one’s spirit gives ultimate authority to the believer in having dominion over the forces of darkness, however children of God can still be oppressed, suppressed or influenced by demonic activity….just not possessed.

It is quite another matter for those empty of any spiritual inheritance within. Depending on what is done, a demonic entity has permission to take up residence within the vacuum that exists. The Bible gives examples of those possessed by unclean spirits. Examples of Christ cleansing possessed people who had sicknesses, diseases, and “not being in their right mind” are documented in the Holy Scriptures.

God has not changed, but neither has Lucifer and his forces of evil. The enemy uses the same weaponry today which Jesus combatted when He established His ministry around 2000 years ago. The enemy delights in the fact that many think demonic activity is a fabrication because it makes Satan’s work so much easier.

One should not foolishly go looking for a fight as the sons of Sceva discovered in the Acts of the Apostles. However the Bible teaches that one should take authority when necessary and use the proper tactics in Jesus’ Name when dealing with demonic activity. Jesus gave the protocol which may require prayer, fasting, and preparation depending on the type of demonic power one is dealing with before engaging. Discernment is a critical tool to have before dealing with demonic activity, and of course proper experience to know what to do.

One had better be acquainted in “binding and loosening” before taking on demonic activity and know the sequence in battle tactics.

Assessing the situation quickly with discernment is the first step. Turmoil does not automatically mean there is demonic activity. You may be dealing with a bratty person. One had better be prayed up and take on the stronghold with assistance. One shall put one thousand to flight, but two can put 10,000...there is power in agreement. It is also important that the individual wants to be delivered from spiritual possession. You are wasting your time if they like their situation.

Binding the demonic entity in Jesus' Name is critical. In spite of what you see at the movies it is rather foolish or counterproductive to get into a conversation with a demon. Also at the casting out if that demonic is not bound, one can create even more havoc. The collateral damage could be ugly. Sounds amusing but it sure is not funny if it happens.

Bind then cast out in Jesus' Name is your next priority. This step can be executed only under Jesus' Name authority and supplementary prayer and fasting of the person or persons doing the casting out. Preparation and without fear is also key. Remember the light of the divine within a believer cannot be distinguished by the evil entity or entities and the evil force can't tell if it is you talking or God. It or they will exit because it or they will fear a severe beat-down by God.

Once the exorcism has taken place, it is HIGHLY recommended that the delivered individual immediately becomes a child of God, or as the Bible says, the evil spirit(s) will find seven more stronger than themselves and return. The ONLY thing that will halt a re-possession is the light of God Himself through a spiritual conversion which accompanies accepting Jesus Christ as Savior. Nothing else works.

Binding then loosening is also effective on believers being harassed by demonic activity which can take place...just not possession. Anointing the believer in Jesus' Name with oil will give the added incentive for the evil spirit to not be around. Oil, which is symbolic of the Holy Spirit's power, helps to shatter a stronghold or and defuses the power of the unclean spirit(s).

There is nothing like experience in spiritual warfare, however with confidence in Christ all things are possible to them that believe. Any child of God can take authority as long as they keep their trust in the Perfect High Priest who is every believer's Advocate and Intercessor to the Father.

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