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Spiritual swine flu

Traditions not filling the bill? Seeking Truth? Soldier On.
Four Symbols, Douglas Christian Larsen

Colorado Springs — The symptoms are universal, and the illness infects religious people and atheists alike, those that consider themselves spiritual, and those that just don't care much beyond a six-pack of beer coupled with the best new video game.

All manner of vaccines are boasted, all manner of medicines gulped, and yet the illness spreads around the world. People laugh, multitudes scoff, and yet everyone knows something is wrong.

Everyone feels it deep in their bones.

That achiness that emerges as the first symptom of pandemic flu shows itself in the body. But this deeper swine flu, this much more dangerous spiritual flu, runs worlds within worlds' deeper, a feeling that there is no hope, that there is nothing out there, that truth is only fluctuating opinion.

When it strikes fully, the victim can hardly move, hardly draw together enough bodily resources to even care, let alone hope.

The victim lies prone, usually huddled into a fetal fist of rubbery, shivering things that more closely resemble tentacles than human arms or legs.

Even those who scoff the loudest, who claim it is all a hoax, they know too, they feel it, just as deeply in their bones.

For this spiritual malady, there is no vaccine — and if there was a vaccine, it would work as well as the "H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine," not very well at all — because the enemy is elusive, and powerful, and we hardly comprehend that there even is an enemy, let alone how to cope or fight—in the end, we turn over our power of thought, our free will, and let someone "smarter" decide for us.

They claim it is safe. They claim it works. Trust us, they urge.

The spiritual professionals know as much about this spiritual flu as the health-care-industry professionals know about influenza, yes, after all of these years.

As love leaks out of the world it is replaced by synthetic traditions of men. Truth is replaced by habit.

Natural remedies? Why would we need natural remedies when we have science which is so much more powerful than nature?

As with swine flu—which you must fight, and fight hard, and fight it to the end until it is beaten—so is the spiritual flu a matter of battle, a matter of the good fight, a matter of seeking, but not just peeking, but searching with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your soul, all of your spirit, and all of your strength.

Yes, there is rest, but first comes the fight. After the fight, the rest.

Your body is the "Temple of the Holy Spirit," and must be prepared for the battle, because the body houses the mind, and when the body is corrupted, so too the mind. When the mind is clouded, thoughts are murky, and we will miss the signs, we will scorn the natural remedies, and accept the vaccine, and ultimately we will do nothing, on either battleground, that of pandemic flu, or spiritual swine flu.

We are told: "You will find Me, after you seek Me." We are told: "Come to Me and I will give you rest."

First, we must seek. First, we must come. Yes, we will find, and yes we will rest, but first we must obey Him, as reaching out, even while drowning, is action.

The good news is, He will aid us in finding Him. He will strengthen us in the battle. He will even carry us in coming to Him, and the rest is free.

But first the fight. Fight the flu, with natural remedies. And seek truth, seek it with all your heart. You can be victorious in everything. Soldier on.

God bless you and your family!

Art et Amour Toujours
Douglas Christian Larsen

H1N1 Flu: Natural Remedies

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H1N1 Flu: Natural Remedies

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