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Spiritual Spotlight: Shawny Wright

Gospel music artist, Shawny Wright
Gospel music artist, Shawny Wright
photo courtesy David Goodson/627 Music


  • Jacque 6 years ago

    Awesome and Inspiring! Keep up the good work Shawny!

  • Mia 6 years ago

    Shawny, I am so proud of you girl. You stay focused on God and let him continue to elevate you. Praise God for having such a God sent manager, David Goodson. You guys keep it moving.

  • DK 6 years ago

    Shawny, your ministry is awesome and your music reaches alot of people.Keep God first,stay focused and keep walking in your destiny.

  • markeyia aka "beezy" 6 years ago

    ight, good luck shawnay!! keep up the good work hun bun!! your a prissy girl in your own lil prissy world.....and ya know i love ya....the besties:)

  • Meshawn 6 years ago

    You are an inspiration to the youth in this world who are still running from their calling and afraid to operate in God's gifts and annointing. Remember to remain humble and continue to serve God's kingdom, and He will open doors to prosperity and success. To God be the glory for such an annointed young woman of God!

  • Shawny Wright 6 years ago

    Hello everyone just wanted to thank everybody who took the time to read myt article because music is my dream and my life. i want to thank God for my amazing manager DK Goodson he is so great and i know he is working hard for me. i also want to thank God for Meshawn Key she is so special to me and she keeps me motivated and i love her. she even inspired me to freestyle spring time songs lol inside joke. Also to the author of this article thank you ver much and may God bless you

  • Henry 6 years ago

    Awesome Shawny, I love to see young people with a heart for the Lord!

  • Tavarus Rogers a.k.a killa mc wit four pieces of c 6 years ago

    I agree to selena was saying about Mrs. Wright... I know this young lady and i actually go to school with this young lady... Kids follow her!

  • Tyronishia Sutton 6 years ago

    hay gul... u is true ta all my people even doe i didn graduate u still is a true insporating scuse me if i spelled it wrone but i look up to u!!! u no u my cuzing right cuz my sister in laws baby cuzin tracy tol mE!!!

  • demetrea timara lare wright gentry 6 years ago

    yo yo yo hello this is your fav sister demetrea wright gentry sucka just wanted to leave a comment and tell you that i love ya. just remember who you singing for cause he can take that voice away lol hahahahahahahaha love you very much God blessed me w/ a special sister peace out.

  • ghyhfhf 6 years ago

    hello have a good day

  • James P. 6 years ago

    Keep doing the work of God Shawny Wright. I've seen your ministry in action and it is powerful.May God bless you!

  • Richard 6 years ago

    Having seeing you minister, you are annoiting and powerful.Can't wait till your music reach nations.

  • Madison Geter 5 years ago

    Go ahead and keep doing what you are doing. Be that example that these young ladies need today(a Godly example). Keep doing what you are doing!God Bless.

  • khala "kitt katt" morman 5 years ago

    SHAWNY ; i freakin love you . :) . you and the whole 627 music family has inspired me to do so much in life . i love yall and i am so happy that i can say ima part of the 627 music family !
    love ya ! keep up the good work !

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