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Spiritual rhythm for health and wellness found in Abstract Art

One good way to relax is to go to an art gallery or museum and look at abstract paintings. Some art can elevate one into the cosmic beyond where there is no meaning, no intellect, no explanation--just beauty and truth. This is healthful like a powerful meditation for the mind and spirit. Forms and colors can soothe the soul, if painted harmoniously. Good art should invite the viewer into thinking about the meaning of life. The newest trend in health is practicing meditation and perhaps a healing through art.

Abstract art represents no object or subject known to us on earth.  It is simply a beautiful organization of colors and forms to be enjoyed for beauty's sake and arranged in rhythmic order.  The culmination of spiritual power made intuitively visible.
Mollie Uhl Eaton "Blueberry Beach"

In Denver there is Tesoro Artisan Gallery located in the Santa Fe Arts District. Every First Friday of the month is open gallery time for people to walk through galleries. It is a safe way to enjoy a Friday night for all the galleries in the neighborhood are open and with gracious hospitality welcome visitors. This month Tesoro Artisan Gallery shows 21C Abstract Expressions which are acrylic on canvas paintings which look colorful and worthy of contemplation. After staring at the paintings briefly, they take on a fairy-tale power and splendor. One may find the "spiritual in art."

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