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Spiritual Qigong

Yellow Jambhala
Yellow Jambhala
image magik by micro.

Portland is as good a place as any to become enlightened. Several schools in the area teach qigong and out of those a few teach spiritual gong. Spiritual qigong prepares the practitioner for spiritual attainment.

The ability to influence the whole of creation is a responsibility held by all things.

While an individual has little control over the whole, they have complete control of the self (or have the ability to obtain that control). Therefore, a method of increasing control of the self can also be a method of increasing control (or understanding of) the whole. Every thing has this ability and a purpose in the scheme of creation making all things crucial for a cohesive existence (experience).

A method several schools use to achieve control is by limiting mental input (quieting the mind). There are several eastern and western schools of thought about this process. What is sought after here is union with the creator. The thought behind this is that the creator arose out of nothing. If the mind can be stilled to no thought, all that will have presence will be the individual (, nothing,) and the creator.

Many qigong systems offer methods to achieve the loftier goals of attainment. Falun Gong even offers a process which requires little effort from the individual. It is an automated methodology to enlightenment. A modern gong designed to fit the needs of a modern mind. Zhan Zhuang is one of the oldest methods still taught and is said to have been used by plants before it was modified and taught to man. Due to its age, much of the wisdom has been lost but is being rediscovered once again by earnest practitioners.

Each second that goes by billions are born and reborn. New evolutionary creations of extraordinary beauty are continuously brought into existence dazzling the senses from a microcosm to macrocosm. Just observing the moment can take a seeker to a place of understanding. Be in the moment and achieve what you seek.


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