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Spiritual master Sai Mai is coming to Denver this April 27

Have you heard of Sai Maa? Maa, as she is affectionately known, is an international spiritual master and humanitarian who energizes people around the globe with her Sai Maa Diksha (pure light blessing). Her mission is to help people master their lives by unrooting patterns that are holding them back. She does this through working with them in The Journey of Profound Healing and other programs. Once healed from this root, people become naturally enlivened and are able to fully experience life.

Sai Maa: Accelerated Teachings for Accelerated Times
Sai Maa
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Sai Maa brings a unique perspective to her role as a Divine Mother. Her thirty years of spiritual study in India and her work as a politician and businesswoman in France give her the ability to combine Eastern and Western wisdom to uplift humanity’s consciousness in preparation for the Golden Age of Light. Part of this preparation is undertaking service projects through her Humanity in Unity organization, which provides food, medicine, education, and financial aid to people in need, especially children.

This is Sai Maa’s Divine Love in Action. Let her interview (see below) and upcoming Denver event—Accelerated Teachings for Accelerated Times—inspire you to become the master of your own life and share your love through selfless service (seva).

Sai Maa's Healing – Accelerated Teachings for Accelerated Times will be held from Friday, April 27 to Sunday, April 29 at the Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th Street, Denver, CO 80202. Her talk on Friday at 7:30 PM is open to the public. For more information and to register, please visit her website, or contact Denise Gibe at or (720)-443-6944. Sai Maa’s books, Petals of Grace: Essential Teachings for Self-Mastery and Points of Light are available on her website.


How does your Journey of Profound Healing enliven people and empower them to stay enlivened?

I do not empower people. I take care of the part that is disempowered so they can be empowered naturally. I have the capacity to see beyond physicality. When someone comes to me with pain and suffering, I can see the root of their pain. So I find my way to take them to that root, and unroot it. They then become their own true self. They start looking at life in a different way.

Because before they couldn’t see life. Their layers of pain were like thick, black glasses. But the moment all that pain is unrooted, they start to smile. They breathe life itself. They exist for the sake of existing. So naturally they are enlivened. Naturally they are empowered because everything that separates us from life takes us to a place of disempowerment.

The Journey of Profound Healing is a deep psychological program. It takes one automatically to the spiritual place within oneself.

How has living fully in the world helped you put ‘Divine Love in Action,’ and teach others to do the same?

The moment you are healed from a deep wound, you feel enlivened. Because there is a freedom—a liberation. You become open and vulnerable. You start to love for the sake of love. You are in the wholeness of yourself and you naturally put that out everywhere you go. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, you just live like that one-hundred percent.

When there is a wound, you cannot go beyond it—whether that wound is in your family, your relationship, or your job. But when that wound is healed, you can be by yourself and feel totally content. Most people can’t be silent because there is conflict within. So the moment that conflict has been resolved, you live completely at peace.

It’s not about our environment. It’s about us. How much we hold onto our wounds. My work is to bring people to a place of wholeness and enlivenment.

What changes are you seeing in young people as they participate in your AWAKE Youth Programs?

In the West you see many young adults who are lost. They come to the program and the first thing they know is that they are hurt. They feel disempowered. They don’t feel heard. Here they are not judged. From this place, they start to work.

My main specialty is energy. I work with the brain where there are two distinct energetic dynamics. One is love. The other is fear. I work with that fear vibe in their brains and stomachs so they can become clearer. Then they start to open little by little. Some of them tell me that they hate their parents. “Yes I hear you,” I say. Let them hate until they are healed.

Sometimes they are doing service (seva). They are coming out of that place of selfishness, which is a great thing for any human. It is absolutely beautiful to watch these young adults unfold.

In your book Petals of Grace, you talk about self-mastery. What is self-mastery?

Ninety-nine percent of humans are enslaved in lower frequency emotions. The more one meditates, the more clarity is in the auric field, the emotional body, the subtle bodies, and the mind. The stronger the mind becomes, the easier it is to distinguish between what is false and what is real. Mastery is not allowing lower frequency emotions to grab you and take over your field. You start to distinguish saying, “This is true. This is not true,” and live from there.

Everything on this planet is an illusion because it doesn’t last. Except the illusion that doesn’t take you to a place of pain and suffering. When you live from there, you start to tap into a higher intelligence, a higher frequency from which your soul—the God self within you—benefits. It starts to merge with your personality and your life, and your world becomes totally different.

Nobody can heal the illusion. But the more you come out of it, the more you can see it and say, “I’m not going there.” It is magnificent to be able to master the personality self, the frequency that creates pain and suffering. This is self-mastery.

It’s a discipline. That’s why meditation, daily practice, and awareness are so important. I will not give a mantra to somebody who comes and asks for one. Instead I will say, “Become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.” Make this awareness an everyday practice. When there is conflict in the mind, take a breath. Take several breaths a day, consciously. If you do, you will know peace.

What is involved in serving as the ‘Divine Mother?’ What does embodying ‘Divine Mother’ look like for women in general?

Without women there is no society—because the woman figure is the most exquisite and important part of this planet. There is a deep sacredness in feminine energy. The more you tap into the highest of you as a woman, the more godly divine feminine energy will enter your field. It will embody the human soul and your consciousness will shift completely.

You will become this incarnation through one main quality: supreme love. Supreme love is a love that has nothing to do with earthly love. It is godly love. It’s a love that doesn’t judge and has no conditions. It’s a love that goes beyond understanding. It’s a love that knows everything, gives everything, and embraces everything. It’s a love that’s like a cradle for an infant.

The mother knows whoever she is looking at is her child. So the mother cannot judge. When the Divine Mother sees a tree being cut, her heart feels the thump because the tree is the creation of mother. The Divine Mother love is extremely precious and important to Earth as we shift the frequency of the planet. I work with students in organizations and help them clear out whatever is preventing them from being that Divine Mother and experiencing a divine life.

Life by itself is exquisite. It just flows through you. Because of pain and suffering people have come to a place of distortion where life doesn’t flow in their systems anymore. So the more you purify yourself, the more you can live that love. The more you know the Divine Mother, the more you can see and be close to her. Then your life will be divine. The moment you become a Divine Mother, your field will just emanate this large aura of love. There is such peacefulness in it.

How does the gift of Sai Maa Diksha bring pure light into our bodies and prepare us for the Golden Age of Love?

Diksha means initiation. It has existed since the beginning of time. All masters have used it. All cultures have depicted saints with halos of light around their heads.

But, in the past, Diksha was reserved for the elites. With everything that is coming to planet Earth, it is now time to bring this superb light into everyone’s brains to clear the seeds of negative karma. A baby in its mother’s womb has two seeds of karma, one that is absolutely good and one that is less good. If the mother receives the Diksha light blessing for her baby, the seed of less good karma will not have time to sprout and grow. The light will take over. So this child will become a good light child for the society of tomorrow.

I’ve seen miracles happen to people who receive the Diksha. The light shifts their consciousness and frequency. The more light that is in the brain, the more it can expand through the head to the whole body—the nervous system, blood, tissues, organs, glands, subtle bodies, a long list.

And Diksha is easy to give. Give it to a sleeping baby, a person dying, someone who is sick. It is amazing what it does. It prepares us to be a pillar of light for the Golden Age. The new civilization of enlightenment is coming to fruition because of this light. We have no choice anymore. We are in a place of choiceless choice now.

Why is it hard for people to love and accept themselves?

Think of the boys who were abused by Catholic priests. How can they look at themselves in the mirror and feel good? It’s impossible. What about those who did the abusing? How can they feel well? They cannot. It’s not about loving oneself. For me, everybody loves themselves. But they have not accepted themselves. So it’s absolutely magic when we find and unroot whatever it is that is preventing us from accepting ourselves one-hundred percent. After that, life is a totally different experience.

How do you help couples establish spiritual intimacy in the Journey of Profound Union For Lovers?

These couples are living together but they are full of resentment. How can they be intimate? Impossible. How can they love each other? Impossible. The resentment has become walls between them and they can no longer see or feel each other. Most people do not know how to be in love, or make love, because there is always something between them.

To be in an intimate relationship one has to be naked, transparent. You look at your partner and say, “This is God in front of me. I am devoted to this partner, my beloved. Then there is depth, devotion, love, caring, and gratitude. Your partner becomes precious as you use your relationship to grow into the highest of you.

What if your partner hurts you?

On this planet, things will go up and down. That’s the nature of this planet for now. So if your partner hurts you, let it go. There is the law of attraction that will naturally bring other moments of resentment if you hold onto it. Then from one resentful feeling will come hundreds. If that’s the case, what’s the point of being with someone? Better to go and live alone until you heal.

So never blame your partner. It’s always about you. If your partner hurts you, express it in a loving way. Say, “My love, I feel hurt by what you did.” If you are too upset, breathe and let humility come before speaking. If you practice like this, you will never hold resentment.

You have to be humble to touch your partner with love. Go to your partner and hold him or her for just one minute. Just one minute to heal and nurture your relationship. You will feel your whole body relax as you become tender. Allow grace to enter your life with that tenderness. Think of how much grace can be in your life if you allow it. So allow yourself to be tender with your partner, to be loved by your partner, and see what happens. Your relationship will blossom.

In the East, people say care for others first and you will be cared for. In the West, people say care for yourself first so that you can then care for others. Having lived in both places, how do you reconcile these views?

You practice what you do when you fly on an airplane. You put your oxygen mask on first, before assisting others. With it in place, you can then serve.


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