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Spiritual Journey from human consciousness to Spiritual Oneness

As we move in the 'New Age' it's about some becoming aware on a heightened level of the separation between human ego control-fear-insecurity and divine love of oneness with your spirit essence and the Universal Pure Love. It's not that the humanness is bad; you live in the body, mind and heart-yet your identity is not the body, thoughts and feelings. You express thoughts in the mind, feelings in the heart and using the body as a form to take necessary action.
Human Separation from your Spiritual Essence is a form of control that comes out of fear, insecurity, limitations, negativity when you allow the ego humanness to control your life. When you allow the human ego to control your life and identify with it as you, you create separateness and thereby more struggles. You attach to the form outside of you which triggers emotional drama and mental stories. The stronger the human ego control, coming in the forms of resistance. force, hate, etc., the greater the level of struggle creating more struggles and negative influences. Two things will happen, you either will create behavioral patterns in the form of addictions or you surrender and put your attention on faith and trust. The latter gets you connected to GOD and your Spiritual Essence allowing the pattern to break and freedom to shine forth.
Habits and beliefs that are not in alignment with your Spirit being, attract lessons to help you become smarter "spiritually. When you have challenges in life and you perceive it from a problems perspective, human defense kicks and the flight, fight, protection mechanism goes into effect creating drama. Drama decreases energy vibration, attracting a vibrational match with people and situations.

Beliefs are embedded in the form of energy that have their own meaning relating to love, creativity, finances, confidence, peace, communication & more. Some beliefs you’re aware of, some you are not. Some are serving your greatest good and others are hindering you.

For example, Imagine the body, mind and heart covered with layers of clothing representing beliefs. These beliefs consist of ones that serve you and ones that don't. Some you are aware of and others you are not. Every day you meet others who wear similar clothes. Some you resonate with and others irritate you. The ones that irritate you bring up memories. If you focus on these thoughts they create stories from the past. As you continue to focus on these stories, emotional discomfort comes up, bringing on drama resulting in your body feeling heavy and tired.

Now imagine you decide to peel off that layer of clothes (the past memory) with love and peace rather than judging it. Now your thoughts are peaceful, you feel emotional freedom and your body feels lighter with greater vitality. You will become aware of these layers and peel the layers that are not serving you. Now you're wearing undergarments which represent your core beliefs. If you take them off, you are nude. That represents your spirit being. Pure and Loving.

When you unravel enough of these embedded beliefs that are not serving you through surrendering, embracing, accepting, you come to a place of connecting to your spirit and less to the ego control.
Through awareness of the impact of these embedded beliefs and habits that no longer serve your life, you will have greater ability to transform them. Through transformation you comes greater awareness and connection to your Spirit Being directing.

These beliefs are embedded as energy in what I call the 8 Chakra Points. When the chakra points are in alignment, you have a oneness with your Spirit Being-Human incarnation and GOD. The blocks in the energy points where the outdated beliefs are allow for you to learn the necessary lessons to become smarter spiritually. It is important to be committed to shifting the beliefs that are not in alignment with your spirit being rather than allow those beliefs to dominate your life through control, insecurity, limitation or fear. As you commit to solidifying the new beliefs/programs in the human mind, body and heart through awareness, you start to become smarter 'spiritually'. Becoming smarter 'spiritually' allows the new energies that are n alignment with your spiritual being to come into play and the human part follows bringing greater levels of love, joy, peace, vitality and prosperity.

When you are aware you are a spiritual being and live life from that place, you identify more with energy; this energy is pure love and positive energy where the humanness accepts and embraces life, living from gratitude and appreciation. Love focus increases vibration, attracting increasing vibration people, situations, habits, and beliefs.

Aligning the chakra points with Spirit and with the Universe increases frequency. Circumstances outside of you don't have to have an adverse impact on you when you accept it as it is, embrace it without any judging it. Feel LOVE vs. letting the mind have opinions of the outside world.

Keep filling self up with GOD's love especially when you start to feel pulled by limitations, insecurities, fears, etc. This way you become one with inner love rather than become attached to a particular form or situation by mind labeling and thereby become one within it creating struggles, pain, etc. Feed life with love and focus on Universal LOVE rather feed human fear, insecurity, limitations with mind stories and emotional drama.

One way to create spiritual oneness from a place of Universal Love is to focus on gratitude, which provides greater connection to God, experiencing greater positive influences.
If you experience any form of drama, surrender the thoughts and emotions from the story and immediately put your attention on gratitude and love. This creates a stronger connection to your spirit essence, the universal love-God, and experience positive influences.
Embrace any "bumps" in the road that seem to make you feel like you are more in human ego. These bumps are lessons for the human part to learn and become smarter. Observe what is in front of you attempting to teach you with love rather than judging, resisting , fearing, etc. That will only keep you stuck creating turmoil.
Human ego control shows off in a manner that attempts to force or make things happen. If you surrender the control by embracing and accepting what is in the now and flow with your spirit being, you see the world with a different set of eyes. You make the journey from human consciousness to spiritual oneness.
(c) 2013 Angelica Rose, All rights reserved

Angelica Rose, a national gifted Essence Specialist since 1991 is a Certified Hypnotist. Angelica's gifts include Providing Angel, Your Guides, Medium Messages on the Angelic Plane without human filters. Reading Energies in the 8 Chakra points stored in the emotional, mental and physical body from the Angelic Realm- Direct your Guides to download higher frequency energy releasing those energies in conflict with it. Hypnosis using colors. Angelica is the author of * 2 books, * relaxation CDs, Spiritual Journey talk CD, DVD and Stickers

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