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Spiritual inspiration through rock 'n' roll


Bass player Cheryl of "Hunter"

Music has become such an important part of our lives it seems that everything has its own theme song.  We associate memories, events and situations with certain songs that stimulate spontaneous emotional reactions.  Rhythm and music have been a part of the human experience since the beginning, and it is interesting to note that soothing or inspiring sounds have been a part of our spiritual lives as well.  Today we are fortunate to have access to music on a global scale, adding a rich texture to musical creativity.

Michael Hunter of "Southbound"

Ozzy Osbourne - "Dreamer"

Your higher power may be God or Jesus Christ
It doesn't really matter much to me
Without each others help there ain't no hope for us
I'm living in a dream of fantasy
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

If only we could all just find serenity
It would be nice if we could live as one
When will all this anger, hate and biggotry ...
Be gone?


Mike Hunter


While the instrumental aspect of music may provide the rhythm of life, the lyrics written for songs we cherish are sometimes overlooked in our search for spiritual inspiration.  There are the obvious message driven artists with wonderful uplifting words of praise and gratitude, but what of good old rock and roll?  We may be surprised at the messages out there hidden in some of the heaviest rock of all.

Styx – "Show Me The Way"

Show me the way, show me the way
Take me tonight to the river
And wash my illusions away
Show me the way, show me the way
Give me the strength and the courage
To believe that I’ll get there someday
Show me the way

Every night I say a prayer
In the hope that there’s a Heaven…



Yes – "Love Conquers All"

Love will finally bring us all
Together eventually
There's only one road for us all

Releasing our fear of the unknown
Believing in what could be
Now it's time for each of us to answer the call


Feeling the Divine through music
Listening closely to the lyrics in a song can enrich the experience.  While there are those musicians who may simply throw words onto a page, in general most artists feel the music they compose in a way that leads to the deep meaning in their lyrics.


Rush – "Closer to the Heart"

And the men who hold high places
Must be the ones who start
To mold a new reality
Closer to the heart, closer to the heart


Classic Rock surprises
Look to a few well known Classic Rock artists for great examples of songs with spiritual messages.  Yes, Styx, Kansas and Rush all have song lyrics with Divine themes.

An inspirational quest

A fun exercise to stretch your spiritual antennae may be to search your favorite rock groups from the beginning to present day and check out their lyrics.  You may be surprised to find jewels of wisdom to savor and phrases to ponder while making your way through this human experience.

For more information about the artists noted:
Ozzy Osbourne

Photos provided courtesy of:
Southbound a southern rock cover band based in southern California.
Hunter a classic rock cover band based in southern California.


  • Kris 5 years ago

    Interesting article, Cheryl. I will surely be looking closer to the lyrics of some of my favorite songs ;)

  • maude 5 years ago

    Well written and so true. maude