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Spiritual Growth Tools: Samadhi Meditation Part One

Samadhi level of meditation
Samadhi level of meditation

Dear readers, I recently learned about a meditative state called Samadhi, and promptly did some research so I could share it with you. During my search, I discovered Al Rapaport, Director of the Open Mind Zen Center in Melbourne, FL, who recently included some information about Samadhi meditation in his Open Mind Zen Column (March 2013 issue of Horizons Magazine). Here’s some of what Mr. Rapaport shared in his article:

  • Samadhi is a Sanskirt term for a state of deep meditative contemplation which leads to higher consciousness.
  • Samadhi is the ability to effortlessly and continually achieve a deep state of meditation, and there are many different levels of Samadhi. Those who are able to achieve this state of meditation say that the experience is often accompanied by feelings of bliss and the feeling of being centered.
  • Samadhi helps us cultivate awareness over time; it’s something that we can work towards with our regular meditation practice.
  • When we practice meditation consistently over time, when we reach the level of awareness that is called Samadhi, we will find that our awareness is very deep.

At Project Meditation I found the following:

Samadhi meditation refers to the attempt to attain a state of consciousness in which the thought and being of the meditator become one with the object of contemplation. The attainment of Samadhi meditation is considered a requirement to achieving enlightenment in Buddhism. Samadhi meditation has been taught by the Buddha using forty different objects of consideration, including the breath, reflection on the idea of living kindness, and various colors and elements. The development of Samadhi, the unified state of consciousness, allows the meditator to temporarily be purified and free from defilements. The state of Samadhi is described as being calm, luminous, and tranquil. Once the subject is able to achieve this powerful, focused form of concentration, the nature of reality and the way to release from all suffering become clear.

I’ve read enough to know that achieving this level of awareness/consciousness is definitely something to strive for in my own personal meditation practice (bliss sounds great, doesn’t it?); and since many of the articles I've read cautioned about attaining this level too quickly, I will do some further research and report back to you with my findings. Namaste.


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