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Spiritual fusion connects heart and mind

Where there is acceptance, there is love.
Where there is acceptance, there is love.
Photo courtesy of EJH Gallery, used with permission.

Spiritual teachers write about the shared goal of faith: “God is Love.” Yet, what is the meaning of a sacred mission often referred to as “Spiritual Fusion” between the East and West? The answer is “to arrive at a common understanding related to Spiritual practice and experience which is scientific and practical, and not conditioned by religion.”

This synthesis is found at the core of existence when one understands and experiences true life’s purpose or soul’s highest potential: Intelligence is gained of the surrounding energies and how to tune-in. It is about bringing together the best aspects of East and West for all of this work promotes unconditional love, compassion and kindness; no matter the belief system invoked for “Where there is acceptance, there is love.”

Practice love in life. This is a gradual (not mass) enlightenment process on a person-to-person basis. For example in human fusion when the depth of a desperate gaze changes to a look of gratitude reflected on a face; this evidences awareness of another’s pain and the instant response of kind action to help alleviate the suffering.

While one may be affected or inspired by another, the ebb and flow of relationship is not about ego or meaningless material acquisition. There is no excessive personal profit through the sharing of spiritual principle and practices. However, there is opportunity for student to become teacher and help others on the journey toward spiritual maturity. Day-to-day, energetic patterns of struggle do occur, as evidenced by conflicting viewpoints of who is worthy of receiving or giving love.

The blended formula of East and West is simple: Faithfully and unconditionally by inner strength accept all of life, and then re-construct a compassionate lifestyle that enables the sharing of light and love without measure:

  • Be watchful - The demonstration of walking on the Spiritual Path is what enables others to follow and walk the same path.
  • Be wise - Learn to follow the teachings, not the one who is demonstrating the principle.

In this way, the soul will find the timeless and precious gift of Absolute Truth because “In body, mind and soul; God talks directly to each one of us.”

Love in Action. Spirit is the same. The sun rises in the East, as it does in the West. There is One Truth without barriers, only the differences perceived by human experience: Time, place and language. Empathy is a result of the spiritual work done to bridge the differences that separate people.

To move across the bridge, a first step is to be attentive to another for part of loving is to truly perceive and to know. This level of empathy can feel elusive, especially when outcome cannot be controlled or fully seen. However, once there is intelligent understanding of inner and outer life, it is possible to develop a functional practice based on love in action.

Finding the poised balance between action and inaction is evidenced in a person’s personality as sparkling with wisdom and reflecting brightest light. When outer life is peaceful in terms of economic, family and social activities; then spiritual knowledge freely unfolds from within forming the master teacher, where there is purity (clean mind and pure heart) across thought, word and action.

Highest forms of love breed no contempt (ignorance), competition or hatred, the qualities Buddha referred to as the three hindrances to enlightenment. Instead, through the power of love, life is harmonious, with effortless acts of service and sacrifice carried out by joining with Grace. Following Spirits lead requires certain openness (generosity), so the human heart is blessed to pour out God’s love and kindness to All, yet it beats only for Him.

A heart-centering meditation: “God is mystery. God’s Love transcends … There are no spiritual rituals or exercises, sacrifices or gifts that influence or manipulate God. Union with God’s holy Will is my only path of life. Jesus promised, “I AM.” Who else has the words of everlasting life?” (~ Secrets from the Depths, Mary, Queen of Angels)

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