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Spiritual Bliss Magazine

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Title: Spiritual Bliss Magazine – Serenity at a Touch of a Finger

In the contemporary world, people often tend to forget the most important things in life. Under the pressures of money and success, many individuals rush through life, leaving behind their loved ones and even their own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. This road can easily lead even further into detachment, and can leave people feeling empty and alone. Mediation is one of the surest ways of returning to oneself, and once again rediscovering joy and wisdom in life. Through meditation, any person can find success in every life field, and more importantly, happiness for them and the people close to them.

Spiritual Bliss is an app which features many helpful ways for anyone to explore the amazing world of meditation. This magazine in the form of an application for iPad mobile devices which feature iOS version 5.0 or later will be a cherished read for all who desire a steady guide to the harmony of the inner being. The app presents diverse topics, ranging from meditation, spiritual matters, positivity, self-healing or the power of the process of positive thinking in every issue. Spiritual Bliss also includes videos which will be a crucial learning tool for achieving enlightenment through the practice of meditation. The app regular features an in-depth horoscope guide which has the power to advise the readers about their life circumstances over an entire month, as well as many more bonus features.

But the magazine does not only deal with the spiritual side of a life; it also examines different ways of achieving financial success and progress by applying new techniques like the laws of attraction. With the knowledge contained in the monthly editions, all the readers can increase their enlightenment as well as tips which can help them in their business ventures. With Spiritual Bliss, no one needs to settle for a life which leaves them unfulfilled. Any and all challenges can be resolved with the wisdom contained in this magazine, and the right path can be more easily chosen. By being presented as a mobile app, all information contained is presented in a stunning resolution, followed by a completely multimedia frame of delivery, which includes images, text, audio and video.

Thanks to the iPad technology, the ancient wisdom for attaining enlightenment can be brought in any home or office thought a simple download. All this can be received by a simple subscription, which can be automatically renewed so that the readers get their new editions without worry or additional tasks. Unlike other similar apps out there, Spiritual Bliss is unique when it comes to its flawless combination of style and content. While its competition applications focus on one or the other, this magazine blends both in one complete, visually rewarding and spiritually meaningful media product.

With Spiritual Bliss anyone can find that crucial little piece of enlightenment, happiness and success.

Price: $2.99