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Spiritual awakening in Columbus: The ministry of Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson

Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson
Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson
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Minister Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson is  founder and president of Restoration Ministries, LLC, an organization which Reverend Nelson states, " facilitates in the restoration of spiritual awakening from human existence."  Restoration Ministries has four distinct facets: Nurture Your SoulSM Seminars, Divine Essentials® Aromatherapy & Empowerment Tools, Divinely Empowered™ Press and Divinely Empowered™ Productions that help fulfill this ministry of service.

The ministry based in Columbus has blossomed over a period of 14 years into its current form,  providing a means to enrich the spirit, mind, emotions and body through practical application instruction – the 'how to' that many today are seeking.

The Nurture Your SoulSM Seminars are workshops that share information to those who desire to consciously grow in their spiritual walk. Topics are offered that seek to empower the human spirit  such as the importance of prayer and meditation, journaling, visioning, compassionate communication, the power of thought, and affirmations. As Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson says, " those things that positively affect our journey here on the earth." In addition,  they have a team of Licensed Massage Therapists to enhance the nurturing experience during the seminars.

Divine Essentials® Empowerment Tools, produced by Divinely Empowered™ Press and Divinely Empowered™ Productions, are the materials that supplement the Seminars, enabling the attendee to apply the techniques in their everyday living through reading  books, listening to the CDs or watching their DVDs on practical application. 

Divine Essentials® Aromatherapy focuses on the body, mind and emotions through the use of therapeutic grade oils created into body care, and other products that help to active our innate healing ability and bring balance to those systems to work harmoniously with the spiritual aspects of being. The paraben free products are made with all natural and organic ingredients to bring about restoration.

Products are available at Raisin Rack Natural Food Store in Westerville, HSU & Company on Morse Road and at their online store  . For more information, contact Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson at or call (614) 476-8680 or (614) 353-6672. For general information,



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