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Spiritual and single part 2

Being Valentine’s Day, it is a great time to think about romantic relationships from a spiritual perspective. To that end, a virtual roundtable was created with Sabrina Buchanek, Founding Director of The Agape Spiritual Center’s, Culver City, CA, Singles Ministry and B Dave Walters, Spiritual Coach, Life Strategist and writer.

MDW: Dave, describe your professional life and how it supports people that are single and dating.

DW: I am a writer, Life Strategist and Spiritual Coach; what I do is help people figure out what it is that they want, and more importantly how to get it. As a part of that, I am often called upon to help people figure what they want out of a relationship, how to find that special someone, and how to find the special in that someone they've already got!

MDW: What is your role as Founding Director of the Agape Singles Ministry?

SB: My role as the Founding Director of the Agape Singles Ministry is to provide opportunities for conscious singles to meet other like minded individuals. We produce a wide range of fun, interesting social events and transformational activities. My intention is to create a natural and organic way of interacting. We always empower the idea of being authentic, at choice and relating from a place of wholeness.

MDW: Sounds like fun, Sabrina and a nice segue. Where is the best place to meet a potential partner?

SB: An easy answer to the best place to meet a potential partner is by getting involved in spiritual communities such as Agape International in Culver City, The Self Realization Fellowship or at Siddha Yoga to name a few. Also The Bodhi Tree bookstore in West Hollywood, is a nice space to meet people. Other great places include healthy lifestyle activities involving yoga, health food restaurants and Whole Foods Market grocery stores. Additionally, transformational workshops and volunteering will put us in touch with potential partners. Interestingly, we are frequenting many hot spots already as we pursue our spiritual interests.

DW: THE INTERNET! I know, it's hard to believe, but I met my wife on a dating site almost 8 years ago. A lot of people still look down their nose at meeting people online, but the fact is it is the year 2010 and there is nothing glamorous about meeting people at bars or sitting home alone. But internet dating isn't a magic bullet. People can still misrepresent themselves. Internet dating removes time and space from the dating equation. Dating profiles allows you to know more about a potential mate than just another local pretty face.

MDW: It sounds like you are both saying the same thing. The best place to meet someone is in your life, where ever your life takes you. Thank you both for taking the time to give your insights.