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Spirit traveling over the Internet?

Telephone wires silhouetted on the evening sky.
Telephone wires silhouetted on the evening sky.
©2009 H.K. Gresham

People sometimes ask if spiritual energy can travel over the Internet. In a way, yes. In that sense spiritual energy can travel through a letter or a telephone call. In the sense that most people are asking, maybe not.

AS the saying goes, there is no time and space in the spirit world. That's why distance healing works and how shamans can journey to any time and place in spirit.

But if you are journeying to a person or place you have never been to before, and you have no sample of their energy, you need something to focus on---something to home in on. That's why spiritual healers ask for a name and location for people for whom they get healing requests.

If the person requesting help or healing is in your presence and thinking about (focusing on) the person or thing they want help with, the shaman or healer can get a reading on the target's energy from them. Even a phone call will work.

A few generations ago, people made friends with pen pals, getting to know each other solely through the letters they wrote. Most were not psychic. They were not getting the energy from the physical letter.

Instead, they got a sense of the other person through their words, their stories, and the way they used language. That could take awhile, and it could be faked.

Email works much the same way, but the give and take is much faster. And people seem to take much less care in how they write.

Telephones made it easier to get a sense of the person from their voice as well as their language. Nothing metaphysical about that. Today we can Skype, and with video it is much more real....but not quite like meeting in person.

So, our shamanism group is going to experiment with doing ceremonies and journeying together on line in real time, to see how it compares with working together in person. We know some elements may be missing, but if it works well enough, we can work together in real time from anywhere in the world---without having to worry about transportation, traffic, or weather.

I'll let you know how it goes. If you would like to work with us, you need to join the Houston Shamanism Meetup group: Meanwhile, please read our website on what shamanism is and how it works: http;//

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White Cranes has studied and taught shamanic practices for over 20 years. Follow her on Twitter @whitecranes and @shamanista. You can also friend her on Facebook.

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