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Spirit of Vitalism

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Spirit of Vitalism
By Dr. Edward Meiggs Ph.D., D.G.M.

The term vitalism in the Marriam-Webster dictionary is defined as being, "the opinion that a force neither chemical nor mechanical is responsible for some phenomenon – the doctrine that life in a living organism is caused and sustained by a vital principle (vital force) that is distinct from all physical and chemical forces, and that life is in part a self-determining and self-evolving thing” (Merriam-Webster, n.d., pp. 1). A Vitalistic life is a term to elucidate or explain one’s view that vital energy provides the necessary animation of the body through electro-magnetic energy to cause life and sustain the body as a vehicle to prosper.  

Hippocrates is recorded as one of the first Western historical men to write about Vitalism. He advanced the notion of physis, which he believed to be the innate life force. This was his terminology for Vitalism. All natural living organisms in the universe contain this force. The role of a healer included assistance of the physis or Vital Force through the correct food intake and the removal of toxic buildup throughout the body. The term physis was the preceding catalyst for the terms physician, physical and physic (meaning medicine). This ancient Greek recognized that Vitalism was a static force, which did not yield to the actions of medicine in his time. After centuries, this system of philosophy regarding the physis continued to be utilized and expounded upon. Hippocrates’ theories of medicine are contemporarily accepted in present day as the legitimate fundamentals of medical practice.

Contemporary Western science has grown to accept a certain portion of this philosophy. There is an expansive history behind the life force and how it has manifested in the environment in which we live – and how our life force interacts with the world. An excellent student of Vital Force philosophy was Franz Anton Mesmer. He is often given credit for being the father of hypnosis, completing a thorough analysis of animal magnetism (Magi Institute of Natural Medicine, 2010). This theory included that there existed an invisible force around animals, affecting other animals and the nature in which they interact with their habitat. He found his studies to be applicable to human behavior and its influence on the life force.

A therapeutic touch experiment demonstrated that there exists an energy field that is sensed by others who have tuned into their Vital Force (Rosa, Rosa & Sarner, 1998). There was a development in an ability to recognize spatial boundaries. The aspect of bio-field energy promotes the notion that the Vital Force exists (Rosa, Rosa & Sarner, 1998), where healthcare professionals such as chiropractors are able to manipulate the electrical current produced by an individual to affect their homeostasis as well as the individual’s ability to recover from an ailment.

In-depth studies charted, “The energy of medicine originated in quantum physics. Bioenergetic medicine is the study of human and animal bodies in the dynamic electromagnetic fields existing in an electromagnetic environment” (Stenger, 1999). A very thorough philo-sophy has originated focusing on the electromagnetic field that is produced by our bodies – demonstrating the Vital Force having been a concept for thousands of years. It first appeared within the early Greek civilization of the Roman Empire, and transpires today within the holistic practitioners’ approach of treating a whole body. It is, without doubt, a force that does indeed exist.

Studies in Japan (Stenger, 1999) illustrates that electromagnetic radiation occurs, that we humans radiate electromagnetic wavelengths, and this radiation increases with exposure to sunlight. This electromagnetic radiation is present in all living things. Immense studies of electromagnetic fields (EMF) also demonstrate a presence of EMF in living and growing things like that of bacteria (Stenger, 1999). This proves that all life forms produce a unique energy.

In accordance to the law of physics–every action has a reaction–our Vital Force follows this very same law. There is a quality of the Vital Force that is measurable, enabling scientists to evaluate and examine its effects on the body’s organs such as the heart. When a Vital Force is vibrant and radiating at a high frequency, the heart is at optimum functioning level. This occurs too when the heart is healthy and is beating efficiently – the Vital Force of someone is brightly illuminated. This is a reciprocal action between the Vital Force and the body.

There are many different ways to increase and decrease one’s Vital Force. When a decreasing of Vital Force is present, there exists an alteration in one’s health, happiness, and homeostasis. Because of this negative change, it is crucial to avoid things that cause a drop in our Vital Force or energy output. Negative impacts upon the Vital Force are affecting factors that resonate at a different rate than one’s own Vital Force. Everyday items used can alter the magnetic resonance of an energy output. Such items include that of microwaves and cells phones. Electronic devices such as these used in close proximity to one’s Vital Force (think about a man’s cell phone always being in his back pocket) can leave long-lasting destructive effects to one’s physical health. This causes a disruption of homeostasis and a decreased frequency of the natural electromagnetic radiation or Vital Force. Followed by this radiation decrease is a lowered energy level of the physical body, which is then followed by physical instability and a disintegrating immunity response.

Environmental factors also greatly influence the vibrancy of one’s Vital Force. When one experiences emotional stress, disease, or a sense of congestion (due to environmental clutter, preventing clear mindedness), there is an impact of the rate at which one’s electromagnetic radiation is emitted. Once the Vital Force is disturbed or negatively affected, homeostasis is brought out of balance.

Our Vital Force responds to EVERY stimulus it comes into contact with on a physical level and an energetic level. This occurs depending on the level of stimulus resonating from the individual’s Vital Force. The negative and positive impacts that can occur to an individual’s Vital Force greatly depends on the condition of that Vital Force and its resilience to situations on an electromagnetic level.

There are avenues to increase one’s Vital Force to help counteract everyday harms. The practice of yoga and the breathing exercise known as pranayama are examples of such natural means to achieve an energized Vital Force – promoting overall health. Meditation in varying degrees can contribute to increased oxygenation (through proper breathing techniques) and alkalinity, nourishing the Vital Force. Foods that contain a positive electromagnetic charge provide sustenance, as mentioned in the previous chapter. Items and living things that resonate in a harmonious fashion with one’s own electromagnet field are also fundamental for a proper homeostasis, resulting in the charging of one’s Vital Force. Pets (lower animals) that resonate at the same rate of our own electromagnetic field contribute to homeostasis. Being in particular environments (e.g. forests, ocean water, grassy valleys, cold weather, warm weather, humidity, etc.) that resonate at the same level as one’s Vital Force also will help to achieve a balance and increase of electromagnetic radiation.

Dr. Edward Meiggs Ph.D., D.G.M.

Naturopath/Homeopath, Hypnotition


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