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Spirit of Boise: hot air balloon's festival

Spirit of Boise was once again a picturesque event that was full of colors and was fun for all ages.
Spirit of Boise was once again a picturesque event that was full of colors and was fun for all ages.
Francisco Lozano

The sky above the city of Boise was decorated on Sunday as the hot air balloon festival came to a close at the Ann Morrison Park where hundreds of adults and children gathered since very early in the morning to witness the fun event that ran from August 27 through the 31. The event was founded in 1991 by Scott Spencer and Steve Schmader and is put together every year by volunteers.

Families got to experience the thrill by riding a stationed balloon that would go up in the air more than 60 feet being held in place with cords by 4 volunteers. “I want to live here” yelled one of the kids when the balloon was up in the air with a smile that equates to the ones you get when you sink your teeth on a slice of a sweet and juicy water melon in the summer.

All the balloons took off almost simultaneously filling up the sky on a crisp sunny morning shortly after 7 am. Families brought their blankets and arrived as early as 6 in the morning. Kids of all ages were snapping pictures with their smart phones and tablets as the flames in the balloons roared. The weather turned out to be sunny and cool warming up as the day passed. The beautiful blue sky was the perfect backdrop for the colorful festival.

“What a great event this has been” said Mark Nichols from Layton, Utah as he landed the Wind Rider; the balloon from his company that he manned. Jack Long from Boise spoke of “how much fun the event is every year for the city” as he helped Mark secured and fold the balloon after landing.

The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is proudly produced as a partnership by Lighter Than Air America and Townsquare Media Boise.

Age did not matter when it came to having fun for it was clear on the smiles of all the riders as well as the spectators as they seemed to be singing “Fly me to the moon…”

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