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After the strenuous, exhausting 7 days I had not on vacation nor remotely close to paradise, it made sense to me to write this all out and get it out to the public. Not that I feel the need to prove anyone wrong, more to organize my thoughts on paper and truly describe the reality hell I was stuck in those 7 crazy days.

When I heard that Rhianna & Eminem were headed to Pasadena for their short lived Monster Tour, I put two and two together and realized my headquarters at the casting agency were in LA and LA has always been a place I believed I would fit in quite nicely.

I arrive to LAX with my dream and my backpack/headphones and immediately felt a sense of relief upon arrival. Folks & family advised me that asking to go to LA and work slash see a concert was maybe not the best idea, but I thought it to be brilliant. Not ask anytime off to see my idols in concert, meet the LA team and get a feel of the Hollywood vibe. What was wrong with that? Oh, I didn’t really have any money to fund this ‘vaca,’ but I made it work. My moms best friends daughter just moved into a Penthouse suite apartment in Beverly Hills overlooking the entire city of Los Angeles. Initially, I reserved an AirB&B with Thom, an outstanding brilliant musician/entrepreneur, but came to the conclusion that if I was spending the majority of my time with Brooke at her PH suite and migrating to Rhianna and various bars, that staying with her and getting some money back was a no brainer.

I finally see Brooke Wednesday night after a welcoming, fabulous day at work in Hollywood and we sit over some wine and discuss various characters and possible ideas for a show. I mean my mind is constantly creating and producing, so it was only natural to have this conversation with someone close to the family and in production herself. Again, a no brainer that I thought to be a positive, smart decision. Clearly, I was way off the grid and not in touch with reality.

As the next day came, I felt fresh and ready to take on the tasks of my new director, H who is an amazing person, but damn is she intimidating. There’s a reason why she is a director. She knows her shit. The next two days at work were amazing. I met Josh and Kelcie and we immediately gravitated towards each other, working and listening to music quietly/joking around. I felt so safe and at home. Finally somewhere I belonged where my skills and talents were noticed. Then J and I bonded, a long time vet in the industry who always was super charming and welcoming towards me. We worked together and I began to be her right hand man/go to person when recruiting for the show.

It’s Friday night and it’s Rhianna time! I meet Ms. Brooke at her PH suite and we UBER to the concert in Pasadena. I was pissed because we missed Presh out the Runway & Numb, but it was still a totally awesome experience that I owe my life to Chris for allowing to happen. After the concert, I began to notice I was on a set and people around me were responding to the things I said out loud. My iTunes playlist was hacked into and all the relevant, appropriate songs played at the perfect moment and I felt like I heard voices from people directing me towards the next step. Survival mode kicked in and I believed I was auditioning for a reality show we cast for as I was jumping on roofs and going on endless journeys that would always result in a roadblock. It was so frustrating and confusing, but I continued to make it, naked and very frightened. I was standing on the rooftop Sunday night waiting for the helicopter to pick me up and take me away to a remote island with friends and family who I thought were on Burton Way the entire time. The next day I was picked up by Peter in an UBER and taken to LAX for my flight to JFK.

To be continued.

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