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Black Tar Cloud & It's All For Me
Black Tar Cloud & It's All For Me
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I was actually asked to move up to the first class seat, next to a hunky, muscular field guide who had his brochures and tools scattered all over the floor. The seats had massive leg room and a wall to spread our legs and truly get as comfortable as possible. I'm thinking I've been chosen as the HOST of the show as all the candidates, the young, attractive co-eds all behind me, continued to chuckle and speak about casting & the adventure we all we're about to embark on.

The man next to me noticed I was having trouble setting up my new phone, the Best in Show automatic charger I purchased while hanging out in LAX for eight hours. He helped me put it together and also got my internet up and running on the plane, so I could finally email my agency to find out what the hell was going on. I mean, they had to be a part of it right? Luring me to buy the most expensive charger, screwing with my Gmail account and Internet all day & constantly putting a road block to detour my successful departure, I was certain I was being watched, filmed and that soon I would be with family, friends and my agency on a corporate retreat for a week discussing how entertaining the show will be & how much money we would all come into. Man, was I off key, off the grid and out of my mind, apparently.

Throughout the plane ride, the flight attendant kept asking me if I was okay, offering me beer, wine and free food . I was okay, but decided to split a small bottle of red wine with the sweet, older man next to me who was watching my every move, showing me spaceship chairs to buy for home and ensuring I was on the right track to an awesome life with the stars. I started balling, because in my mind & after all the hijacking of my music in LA & witnessing the Perseids Meteor Shower on the Penthouse Suite in Beverly Hills, I figured magic, luck and hard-work finally paid off for me. I was headed for entertainment, the good life and a life I always envisioned for myself. Writing, traveling and casting/producing television. Now, I just need the partner in crime to experience it all with. Then comes marriage, the kids and the beach house in Southern California. The nuttiest thing and honest to god truth in all of this I experienced; I was not under the influence of anything. I sipped a few beers over the weekend and had a cigarette or two, but I was as sober as Charlie Sheen. Kidding, but you know what I mean. I saw these things, I heard them and I have the voice recordings and videos to prove my story. Some part of me doesn't want to show them because I don't really feel the need as I always tell the truth and see no point in lying or fabricating stories. That will come when I decide to write a screenplay, but not real life. I had to stop and smell the reality.

As soon as we landed, all of the candidates we're laughing, giggling, high-fiving me and welcoming me with wide open arms to their state, environment and new lifestyle. They invited me to a hotel party, but I politely declined. I suddenly felt an overwhelming feeling of freedom. I had never really traveled alone; always with my ex as he pretty much took care of all the planning, checking of bags and the final destination. I felt alive, happy and ready to explore New York City. As soon as I jumped off the plane, I saw that Robin Williams had passed away. I couldn't believe it. A brilliant, talented and underrated superstar was found dead, most likely because he was not receiving the proper help, or was surrounding himself with leaches, sucking every amount of life from the man. I saw these billboards that said, 'Have You Seen Him?” I, of course witnessing all I did in LA and on the pretentious plane, assumed it was me. I was jet-setting across the United States and felt like a Where's Waldo, ha. I was on my phone that finally was charged, calling all the people I made connections with over the phone in Boulder, as well as family and friends. It was 2AM, though and I had no juice earlier in the day to prepare people, so I was not surprised that I was having no luck getting someone on the phone.

I noticed people flocking over to me while determining my next move. I heard, 'there he is,' & hootin' & hollerin' all around the curbside pickup area. I caved in and finally got an UBER. UBER took me straight to Times Square like Batman, driving like a bat out of hell, speeding hardcore down the freeway. I loved it; the city, the bright lights and the faced-paced mentality everyone in New York seems to possess. I was totally stoked to be where my favorite show of all time was filmed, 'Sex & The City,' and felt I was the new Carrie Bradshaw arriving in the city where dreams are made of, NEW YORK!

I hopped out the UBER black Tahoe, grabbed my stuff, was told I had a new friend already by the driver and found a CVS to grab a SMART WATER and some combos to tie me over. I knew my first move. Call Camila @ Lillie's, a bar I tried so hard to get on Bar Masters, but they didn't want to do it. I reached out and was told to come immediately with open arms. I was so excited to be able to relax, have an ice cold beer and organize my thoughts, computer and my mind. As I was walking around after CVS, I kept hearing people saying they were headed to an event where someone was about to arrive with all his family, friends and co-workers. I literally felt as if the city was following me and would end up at Lillie's to go on a wild, relaxing vacation. Something I deserved. Not sure if it was ever mentioned, but I worked day and night to cast bars. I put my blood, sweat and tears in my work and how was I rewarded? Wrap. I get sending a few videos and emails that seemed to be bizarre was not the coolest thing in the book, but I was trying to be loyal and document what I was experiencing. In this industry, I've noticed it's not like most. We call at 1 AM, send emails at 4:20 AM and yell, scream, bicker and make sure the job gets done, smiles, tears, drama and all. It's called family; a unit I thought I was in. When I got to the bar, I noticed signs saying private party. The bartenders told me to walk around and scope the place out. I know they knew who I was; I heard them talking about my boss, the show and how ridiculous it was that we didn't have people like me in the city we were casting for. I walked around and got lost. Distorted mirrors and twisted hallways; it was like I was in a Speakeasy. I was creeped out and totally confused. Went back to my laptop to relax and finish my beer hoping someone I knew would pop out. I hear this annoying chitter chatter behind me from two guys and two girls. One dude looks just like Sean, my casting producer and good friend I made in Boulder. He always had my back, making sure what I did was not unnoticed and slapped me on the wrist when I went about something in a B.A.D way. Love that guy. Thanks again, SH for everything. I will always cherish our bond and all you taught me about producing.

The girls we're so annoying shouting so loud bars that we casted for, naming names of the owners and being extremely dramatic, thinking, what? I would cast them for a show right then and there? Please, ladies. Less is more and the whole shouting bit was both obnoxious and unnecessary. So at this point, I hear the bartenders talking mad shit about us as a company and that I should be in the city interviewing and establishing relationships with people face-to-face. I agreed and was also fed up with the chatter, I decided to introduce myself and let them know I was the dude talking with Camila on a regular basis. They ACTED all surprised and told me to come back the next day around 2 PM. Disappointed I had no friends, no family and no co-workers around me, I finished my beer alone, packed up and head out to the streets of New York City.

The rest of my night, including an appearance at Madison Square Garden and finally reaching my Uncle Bobby & cousin, JO in East Village will be the last entry of this constellation including videos and recordings documenting my journey.

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