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Spirit Indestructible 2: LAX Nightmare

LAX Insanity
LAX Insanity
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It feels as if when Brooke stated I was getting an UBER to JFK, that my family & friends would be the one picking me up from her penthouse suite. Of course, the UBER drivers name was Peter, which is my middle name + my fathers name. The ride with Peter was unreal; he kept talking about people in his life named Kim, Paige & James. Those are all names of people very close to me in my personal life.

Since I was wrapped from the show, Bar Masters and was told I would be put back on something really quickly, I decided that a trip to NYC where all my family reside + bar owners that I made connections with over the phone would be a cool idea. I had a free flight, upgraded to first class and was ready to rock. At this time, my computer charger was missing and my phone was dead. I had no connection with the outside world to let family know I was venturing to NYC. After the ticket agents spending thirty minutes speaking with people over the phone, examining my ID over and over and whispering things, I was finally granted a first class seat to JFK eight hours later.

I immediately went up to my gate area and sat down at a restaurant, asked to use the waiter's cell phone and paid for internet. I also had to ask people around the bar if they had an ACER laptop charger. Luckily, I found this really attractive couple that let me relax & get juiced up. I was still so confused, because the night before I was jumping across rooftop buildings in Beverly Hills with certain clues leading me to believe I was cast for the reality show, 'I Will Survive.'

After letting my boss and my father know the plan, I shut off the computer, which was dead again and went to find a charger for my phone, that was also dead. I went inside Hudson and was directed to this best in show charger that juices up your phone without needing an electrical outlet. I heard people around me saying, yes get that. Of course, I felt I needed best in show 2013, so I slapped it on the credit card and sat back down again. Everyone around me was looking at me. I looked at the TV screens and people kept looking up at them, then back to me again. It felt like I was in that movie, 'The Truman Show,' the one with Jim Carrey and Ed Harris. The premise of that movie was that Truman's life was documented and guided for him. I literally felt that characters we're placed around me on purpose, because they would surround me at the airport at perfect times and as I would say something out loud. I talked to myself a lot during this trip. It helped me to keep my thoughts accurate and sane.

I went to the bar and had a Diet Coke and met this couple who had just got married and we're headed to an island. They kept saying things like your friends should be on their way, or don't be anxious, you're about to embark on something really fun with Metal Flowers Media and your friends. It made perfect sense at the time, because my company was in the process of casting shows that would put the workplace on a retreat or candidates on an expert, survivalist type of show. A few weeks before venturing to LA for work and the Rihanna concert, I overheard my boss, in the Boulder office, talking about someone (thought was me) and how people would definitely see something. I heard my boss scream, 'he's in town for 5 days and I need him in a car and taken care of.' I know I was only an assistant, but my skills and ability to nail down very successful bars and establish connections with celebrity owners and people of that caliber was obviously noticed by my team.

So all that + the things I was witnessing at the airport at this time led me to believe I was on a show. That my boss and team we're behind something really great, profitable and extremely genius. No friends, no familiar faces as I head to the gate an hour before takeoff. I was anxiously anticipating my friends waiting at the gate for me. I went to the corner to be alone and sprawled out all my stuff on the floor. At this time, I had no connection with the real world, again. My Facebook was hacked, Gmail was down and phone dead. I forgot to mention that when I was at the bar having a Diet Coke with those 'liars', I looked on the TV screen and saw the closed captioned sentences writing down responses of what I was saying out loud. It was so creepy, eerie and strange to think I was being taken advantage of in that way without knowing what the hell was going on.

As I was waiting at the gate, I heard other young adults talking about the shows we cast for and how they were basically on a free flight with booze and music that was taking them to a deserted place. I figured that with the agent strategically putting me on first class and taking forever to get me this flight, that I was the HOST of a show, and the others on flight we're the cast members of this awesome setup. I heard people saying things like, 'yeah, he looks great. Colorado did him good.' 'He is going to flip when he see's Kim & DeAnn on this flight.' I mean hearing those things was quite the trip, especially when no one I knew would pop out. I heard the agents offering up seats on this flight and switching to get on a flight to Dallas. Dallas is my home town, so of course I thought maybe I should jump on that plane and go to Dallas. I still thought, though, that I was going to NYC to eventually boat out to an island or another country. The plane ride was unreal. I was sitting right next to an expert, who had every pamphlet on surviving scattered all over the spacious leg room we had and was helping me figure out my new best in show phone. I looked around and saw all attractive, young adults on the flight with various producers filming and recording people sitting right in front of them. The flight attendant told me to turn my light on and keep it on when awake and speaking aloud or to the expert next to me. They were looking for sound bites, right? What happens next is the most unbelievable thing I have ever witnessed & thank god I have the video and recording to prove it.

To be continued with the final constellation in the east village of New York City.

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