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Spirit Expeditions spooks Dallas

With the help of dousing rods, participants can ask spirits questions of their own.
With the help of dousing rods, participants can ask spirits questions of their own.
Kena Sosa

Spirit Expeditions began ten years ago on the west coast and has been extending a spooky grasp out to other haunted cities since. The company has only been in Dallas for a month but have already been wildly successful in giving us the creeps.

As opposed to other ghostly tours, this one includes actual hands-on experience with paranormal investigation tools. Each participant or couple of participants gets to use a pair of dousing rods, copper rods used to communicate with the dead. At tour stops, the curious have a chance to ask their own questions and see if a spirit chooses to answer them. Along the route, some participants can see if ghosts are in the area by using an app called Ghost Radar to better their chances.

Covering everything from conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of JFK, legends of those who've passed at the legendary Lawrence Hotel, to more recent stories like the Eyeball Killer of the 1990's, this tour is not the standard historical marker route, but one of Dallas' seedier side, both past and present. A few non-traditional stops include abandoned warehouses in the once-booming West End, where many businesses have tried their hand at success and ultimately failed. Legends like the Lady of White Rock Lake and modern murderers have their place in Dallas' history too. Told over a leisurely stroll and a beautiful night, Spirit Expeditions' Dallas tour, like dark chocolate, in essence tells of the bitter, but the experience itself is still tantalizing.

Held every Friday and Saturday night from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., tickets for this group walking tour are available online for $20 for adults, $10 for kids ages 12 to 6, and little ones are free.