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Spinning For Fitness

Spinning At The Beach
Spinning At The Beach

Last time we discussed joining a gym to begin our quest for fitness. Now that you have taken the plunge, signed on the dotted line and joined a fitness facility…let’s get started!
First if you have not scheduled sessions with a personal trainer then open your calendar on your IPhone or Blackberry and make that happen. While you are waiting to begin your sessions check out the Spinning Class.
Spinning was started by a cyclist named Johnny Goldberg or as he is known in the fitness circles as Johnny “G”. The spinning bike follows the basic design of a stationary exercise bike except the front wheel is heavier and called a fly wheel. Its design eliminates any freewheeling which creates a more chain driven feel much like a road bike. Resistance added by the brake controlled by a knob located in the center of the bike frame allows the student to contorl the amount of resistance experienced. Tighten the resistance and close your eyes to simulate climbing an incline or stand up in the pedals and crank hard as if you are climbing a mountain! Release resistance and increase your pedal speed or rpms and feel as if you sprinting on a straight away!
Classes are generally taught by a Johnny “G” certified instructor and lasts on average forty minutes. Music dominates the atmosphere of the class which motivates the students to train harder than they would ordinarily push themselves if training alone. Remember you are in control of the resistance knob and can adjust the setting as your burning legs dictate.
Just starting out take this class only three days a week until your fitness level begins to improve and your personal trainer agrees with the additional training in a Spinning Class. Remember training should be fun and to keep this activity interesting so that it does not seem boring or a chore. Next time we are going to get into the specifics of training with a heart rate monitor…until then happy training!