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Spinning: a great way to shape up for the holidays


A Johnny G Spinning Bike from Fitness Equipment LA

With the holidays just around the corner, it is important to continue exercising to stay healthy and fit.  Spinning is a great workout for many reasons. 

1. It burns a ton of calories.  If you are working hard, pedaling fast and using a good amount of resistance you will burn a lot of calories while spinning.  An hour spin class can torch between 500 - 1000 calories, depending on your effort, physical ability and weight.

2. It's great for your heart. Spinning is an awesome activity because it is aerobic and anaerobic.  Your heart is working to push you through intervals while your muscles are getting a workout through resistance. 

3. It can be a group or a solo activity. Whether you attend the class with a friend or by yourself, spinning can be fun.  It's nice to have a buddy on the bike next to you for support and motivation but you don't need one to get a good workout. 

4. It's easy on your knees and feet. Because spinning is low impact, you aren't pounding on your feet or knees.  This makes it a good alternative to running or stair climbing or a challenging cross training activity.

5. It's fun!  Spinning classes are usually held in a dim workout studio with loud fast paced music.  The dark room and the rhythmic music help you get into a zone while you workout.  Whether you like to sing along or zone out, spinning class is usually a fun environment. 

Check your local gym for a spinning class schedule.  In Columbus, Lifetime fitness offers some great classes to it's members.