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Spinelli's: Authentic New York style thin crust pizza

Authentic New York style thin crust pizza
Authentic New York style thin crust pizza
Stephen Fuller

A superb New York Style hand tossed pizza, nice and thin at the center and crisp outer crust yet soft in the middle. Loaded high with toppings the meat combo satisfies your cravings; with handmade meatballs sliced thin to an authentic pepperoni covering the pie this eighteen inch behemoth is just what this town needed. Just like New Yorkers do, to be able to hold your slice up you need to do the three finger crease on the crust to give a little structure to the tip of the slice. As your stability waivers the Italian sausage at the tip of the slice starts to falter, you can just manage to get that first bite and that’s when it hits you: the perfect balance between the crust, the toppings and the sauce woos your taste buds into pizza heaven.

While your taste buds are gearing up for that second bite you let the sauce roll over your tongue as you try and pick out the nuances of how they create the perfect sauce. Slow cooked for hours where all the flavors are melded together, where you can’t tell where one ingredient stops and another begins but together it all adds a depth to the flavor profile that can’t be duplicated.

Their pizza oven is one of a kind with windows to see your pizza cooking, unlike a deck oven or a conveyor belt this oven is huge. It has three stone wheels spinning horizontally giving it three levels to cook on. There must be a bit of a learning curve to catch a pie as it circulates without disturbing the surrounding pizzas. It’s quite entertaining to watch these guys in action; like a well-oiled machine everyone knows their job dancing within inches of their coworkers. Tossing the dough in the air to pulling pizzas out of the oven these guys make it look so easy.

Spinelli’s in Frisco, located on Summit Blvd right beside Safeway, you can’t miss their sign with Italian colors. Spinelli’s offers a wide assortment of gourmet pizzas, calzones, strombolis and sub sandwiches. This is a great family owned and operated restaurant so you know service and quality is spot on. New to the area it’s great to see Spinelli’s become integrated into the community with sponsoring local kids’ teams to donating to needed causes around the county, it’s great to see their involvement.