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SpinChill: Review


SpinChill is a Florida company, run, owned and operated by Trevor Abbott and Ty Parker. This is a fairly new endeavor (2013). It was born during the Summer time out of sheer collegiate thirst.

SpinChill is just too cool! How many times have you reached for a can of something, only to realize that it has been sitting in the warmth of your atmosphere and is therefore, not as cool as it needs to be? Ugh! Too many times!

This thing allows you to grasp onto a warm can or bottle, then spin it in ice until it's cool. When we first got the SpinChill, we wondered if it would tend to bottles. Well, it does. It handles wine bottles too. In fact, aluminum cans are cool enough to drink in less than a minute and bottles are ready between three and seven minutes. That's no time!

You may purchase the answer to a piping warm can of soda water at for $29.99. It only takes 4 AA batteries. In a pinch, you could rob your digital camera.


It retails for $29.99 and can be purchased here.

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