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SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza takes steps to prevent cross contamination

SPIN! cares for it's gluten free guests
SPIN! cares for it's gluten free guests
Kulani Kon

On my recent tour of SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza, I was invited behind the counter to see for myself how SPIN! answers the question, “How do you prevent cross contamination in a pizza place?” General Manager, Kyle Kroencke, smiled, saying, “We do everything we can.” He then proceeded to show exactly how true that is.

The biggest question about cross contamination in pizza is usually the crust. SPIN! makes the dough for their “regular pizzas in house, which means that there is flour in use in the store. The gluten free crusts at SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza come pre-made from Olivia’s Oven, a Kansas City gluten free bakery. They are wrapped in plastic and stored on the opposite side of the prep area from the flour. Each crust stays wrapped in a cabinet until it is needed.

Along with separating the crusts, SPIN! has designated separate prep and storage areas for all of the gluten free utensils, bowls and pans. The staff is well trained in cross contamination. For those that might forget, the guidelines are clearly posted next to the oven for easy reference.

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