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SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza offers gluten free service that makes everyone smile

SPiN! has the looks, and back them up with quality and service.
SPiN! has the looks, and back them up with quality and service.
Kulani Kon

We’ve all had the experience; Walk into a restaurant, order drinks and begin the gluten free dance with the staff. While it’s true that Kansas City is a pretty gluten free friendly town, this dance remains difficult. What if it didn’t have to be? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there were a restaurant out there that gives it’s staff gluten free dancing lessons? Good news- There is!

SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza has four Kansas City locations to choose from, which is nice because that means there will always be one close by. I recently had the pleasure of being invited to take a tour of the Lee’s Summit location.

The tour guide, General Manager and all around nice guy, Kyle Kroencke, was very open and encouraged every question. We talked about preventing cross contamination, employee training, the company itself and, well, a lot of stuff that won’t fit my current word count. It became clear while talking to Kyle that he has a real passion for his job, and for every person that walks into his restaurant.

The rest of the staff seems to share his entheusiasm. Every person we met at SPIN! was smiling. That is always a good sign.

Kyle provided me with the pages that are used to train SPIN! employees in gluten free procedures. They included the details of Celiac Disease, signs and symptoms, ingredients to look out for and even answers to common questions. It also included this statement, “With all this information, we as a company need to be well aware of the consequences of making mistakes with our customer’s pizzas and salads. We have taken on the responsibility to serve a segment of the population that doesn’t get to eat pizza and we need to make every one of their visits enjoyable and special.”

With that in mind, servers are trained to look out for their gluten free guests. This means that if you order gluten free crust for a pizza, the server will know to automatically keep the croutons away from your salad. This kind of staff training, combined with the great atmosphere and amazing food makes SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza a place you’ll look forward to visiting.

This article is only part of the experience. To learn more, read: SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza takes steps to prevent cross contamination and Look to SPIN! for pizza so good you won’t believe it’s gluten free.


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