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Spilling the tea with the founders of Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta

A Royal Tea Affair
A Royal Tea Affair
The Garner Circle

This year Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta is set to become one of Atlanta's most talked about events. The upcoming event will surely have ladies wanting to spill the tea about everything from what they wore to how they networked with Atlanta's elite. Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta is having a summer series event that is all about women, leadership, a shoe drive that gives back to the community, and learning the steps to successful entrepreneurship. In fact, two beautiful and business savvy women are the founders of this exciting event- Dayira Jones and Bianca Rush. These women have already demonstrated they know how to create sold out empowering events. took a moment with the business minded duo to learn about the Royal Tea Affair and spill a little tea with the inspiring ladies.

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Founders of Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta- Dayira Jones (founder of notably successful Bella Bar Tee's) and Bianca Rush (founder and co-owner of global brand Sassy Mitchell Hair) created Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta to provide a solution to a need that they both felt to be critical for women in the world of business. The two entrepreneurs joined forces to create a platform for women to gather information and applicable advice on best practices in business and life balance while hearing transparent experiences from other successful female entrepreneurs.

With a proven record of success and forward thinking activity the ladies were kind enough to make time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions for They discussed role models, things learned on the road to success, women entrepreneurs, and of course a little talk about shoe style.

1. It is a known fact that ladies seem to have a special relationship with shoes.... give a little detail about your shoe style and what types of shoes fit your own personality?

My shoe style is very contemporary! I love simple statement shoes that I can mix and match with various looks. I try to purchase timeless styles of shoes that I can wear throughout the seasons. I love leather, animal print, and pony hair shoes. My style is simple with an edge and that greatly defines my personality. -Bianca

Yes I am a shoe lover, my style is very simple, and classic. I'd rather not have exotic style or dimensional shoe patterns. Less is best with me.- Dayira

2. How important do you think it is for women to become entrepreneurs and master their skill-set and trade?

I think it is very important for women to master any skill-set or trade that will enable them financial freedom. Entrepreneurship is a fantastic arena to be in if you're prepared to be dedicated to it, however it is perfectly fine to not be an entrepreneur and work for a company. In my opinion, women today want to have more of an independence so mastering a skillset or trade will allow for that independence to come. You do not have to be an entrepreneur in order to be comfortable financially. In any capacity, mastering a skill-set or trade would be essential. - Bianca

Anyone can do things well, but to master a skill is different once you have done so you become trusted, respected, and have the ability to teach. - Dayira

3. Do you have a role model? If so, Who? Why?

My father, he taught me about the business world. I was introduced to the stock market and investments when I was in 6th grade. As I grew older so did the amount knowledge I was given about being a young woman and now adult in business. He alongside with the University of Georgia taught me the foundation to being successful as a woman and as a businesswoman. I give the utmost credit to my father and educational background. - Bianca

Yes, I admire, love, and respect Keke Palmer she is such a great spirit, and she leads by example. Excellent example of hard work, and dedication pays off. - Dayira

4. If you could share an important thing you learned in the process of being successful what would it be?

Mistakes will occur and don't be afraid to ask for or seek help on anything you do not know. - Bianca

I have learned to balance family, business, and social life more. I am truly a work in progress, however with prayer and the support of my mother I make it happen. - Dayira

5. This shoe drive is an awesome way to give back...tell us why you think it is important to give back to the community?

Ladies Who Brunch ATL is excited to be partnering with 40 Girls and Some Shoes. Giving back is a great feeling and an a great way to show support to a community that supports you. It also allows barriers to be broken and the opportunity to open doors for people who may lack guidance. It's important for me to let my community know that I care and I want to offer my assistance in making their community and people better. - Bianca

Paying it forward is something that my heart beats for. I have been blessed beyond measure, being only 20 years old and have accomplished so much, it is a must I stay rooted in giving, and appreciating what God has done and continues to do. I want to leave a legacy, being a true philanthropist, and humanitarian is how I can make this happen. - Dayira

Star- Studded Panel- The star studded Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta "Royal Tea Affair" Summer panel will include a lineup of women who have not only achieved vast notoriety but have amassed true success in the world of business. The femme fatale panel includes Emily B. (celebrity stylist and shoe designer, Latasha Wright (celebrity makeup artist and cosmetic line creator), Kandi Burruss ( Grammy Award Winning Artist and serial entrepreneur), Cynthia Bailey (Bailey Agency and supermodel), Necole Bitchie (entertainment blogger)

Ladies Who Brunch “Royal Tea” networking panel happens Sunday, July 27th, 1:00pm-4:00pm at the Biltmore. Tickets are available at Join the conversation on Twitter & Instagram: @lwbATL and #LadiesWhoBrunchATL 40 Girls and Some Shoes will also be collecting new or gently worn shoe donations on-site at the brunch. For more information on 40 Girls and Some Shoes, visit

Thanks to these two amazing ladies for taking the time to spill a little tea and share a little knowledge with readers.

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