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Spikeless Golf Shoe Revolution 2014

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Golf is a funny sport to be involved with. At one end of the spectrum, you have the traditionalists who will forever remain firm in their beliefs and opinions about how the game should be played and enjoyed; then at the other end you have the free-spirited golfers who enjoy shaking things up a little and love to experiment with the game. This latter category of golfers are the ones who are moving the sport into the 21st Century, be it through the equipment they use or through playing with females on the golf course. It is not just the younger generation initiating the progression, either. The most notable example came at Augusta in 2010, when Fred Couples put the spikeless golf shoe on the world golf stage.

Hundreds upon thousands of enquiries ensued after Freddie wore his Ecco Street Premieres, (inevitably, without socks) when he was playing alongside Tiger Woods over the opening two rounds of the US Masters. Providing undeniable comfort, the Ecco spikeless shoe range kick-started a golfing revolution and in the four years since, we have watched every other brand latch on to the concept and produce their very own version of a golf shoe without spikes. Last year, it was widely publicised in the golfing community and Golfposer agree that almost 50% of golf shoe sales were for a non-spiked version. The statistical evidence from such a short space of time will remind many of you of the period when rubberised spikes began ousting their metallic counterparts from the market – although this was largely enforced by the widespread banning of the latter.

However, too many golfers are still in the frame of mind that spikeless footwear simply cannot provide the same grip and traction as a shoe with cleats. Despite multiple professionals, golf writers and amateurs alike confirming their brilliance, some are even unwilling to try out the most basic spikeless shoe on the market – perhaps in fear of being proven wrong. Even if these narrow-minded golfers weren’t particularly happy with their new, revolutionary choice of footwear – they would then have the safety net of being able to wear them off the golf course. That is the whole point of spikeless golf footwear; traditional golf shoes are no longer a necessity. Spikeless golf shoes provide 21st century convenience and if you still aren’t convinced by their worth, stop disagreeing with the hundreds of golf bloggers and try a pair for yourself. You won’t regret it.