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Spike reveals 'Ink Master' cast for Season 5 starting September 2

Ink Master judges Chris Nunez, Dave Navarro and Oliver Peck
Ink Master judges Chris Nunez, Dave Navarro and Oliver Peck

Today Spike revealed the cast of “Ink Master” for season five. What is at stake is an editorial feature in Inked magazine, the monetary prize of $100,000 and the most enviable of all prizes; the title of “Ink Master.”

This new season will pit rivals against one another along with the rest of the field. If you think you saw rivalry in the past; that was only based upon the usual meeting of each other while doing the competition when personalities are apt to clash. This season’s rivalry is ingrained, as each contestant is coming into this competition with a personal tattoo rival. Be it enemies from the convention circuit, a former boss versus a past employee, brothers with sibling rivalry highlighted with ink, and even two of the most infamous rivals in “Ink Master” history, this season’s competition is more personal than ever.

The rivals are as follows:

Brothers Jayro Scott and Robbie Ripoll, Angel Bauta against Cris Element, Emily Elegado versus Aaron Is, LT versus Ty’esha Reels, Don Peddicord versus Erik Siuda, Mark Longenecker against Ryan Eternal, Julia Carlson versus Caroline Evans, Cleen Rock One versus Tim Lees and maybe the biggest rivalry of all, the one that occurred on Season 3, Joshua Hibbard versus Jason Clay Dunn.

With just about a month to go before the new season begins, will the rivalries get even more heated, will rivals become friends as they are going against bigger rivals in the bunch, or will a boxing ring be installed in the loft to settle these wars once and for all? Tune in to “Ink Master” to see for yourself on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT.