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Spiegelau unveils stout-specific glassware

Spiegelau's new stout glass
Spiegelau's new stout glass
Left Hand Brewing Co.

Spiegelau, widely considered the premier beer glass manufacturer, has unveiled the world’s very first stout-specific drinking vessel. The creation of this glassware came through collaboration with Oregon’s Rogue Ales and Colorado’s own Left Hand Brewing Company, famous for, among other beers, Milk Stout and Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout.

The high standards of Spiegelau are obvious; no detail was overlooked. The pure quartz glass provides an uninhibited view of the inky black beer within. An open base helps to push foam and aromatics upwards into the main bowl. The main bowl itself is designed to deliver beer to the most optimum part of the palate as well as to trap in the chocolate-y, roasted smells often associated with stout beers. Everything that is great about stout beer is accentuated in this glass.

Hundreds of different pre-made glass configurations were tested from which brewers from Rogue and Left Hand narrowed the choices down to a few, basic, ideal shapes. From there, Spiegelau crafted six versions of the stout glass based on the brewers input. The glass that ultimately became the current product was chosen separately and unanimously by Rogue and Left Hand.

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