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Spidey Swings Free. . . and Single! Mary Jane Dies in Spider-Man 4

The latest rumor for the fourth Spider-Man film is that Kirsten Dunst's underwhelming performance as Mary Jane Watson will finally be put to an end. The character is said to be killed in the upcoming Spider-Man 4 to be replaced by Anne Hathaway as the new love interest. Current speculation is that Hathaway will portray the Vulturess. . . hopefully that character information is false, but it would be interesting to see a new face added to a cast that has been eternally imbalanced. The Spider-Man franchise has featured indisputable talents like Willem Dafoe, and undeserving embarrassments like Topher Grace. Ideally, Ms. Hathaway will prove a positive addition to a once great film series. (Lets face it the third movie was garbage!)