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Spiders in fuel tank hose prompts Mazda recall of 42,000 cars

Spiders are the creepy culprits behind the recall underway of 42,000 Mazda 6 sedans. It seems that these yellow sac spiders are making their way into the fuel tank hose and spinning their webs. These webs can set off a chain of events with the end result possibly being a fire, according to CNN Money on April 6.

These yellow sac spiders in the fuel hose are causing a Mazda recall.

This new recall includes the Mazda 6 models for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. This isn’t the first time that the yellow sac spiders have caused a recall for Mazda. Three years ago they recalled 52,000 of the same Mazda model after the spiders raised havoc with the fuel tank hose.

It seems the yellow sac spiders are attracted to gasoline, the hydrocarbons in the gas is something the eight legged creatures seek out. They crawl inside the fuel tank hose and spin their webs. This causes a block in the air flow putting pressure on the fuel tank, which can cause it to crack. These conditions are then ripe for the possibility of a fire.

A special spring to keep the spiders out of the fuel tank hose was installed during the first recall. Unfortunately for Mazda these tenacious little critters sometimes get by this spring, so software has been developed to alleviate fuel tank pressure. This this should prevent the tank from cracking, which does away with the fire hazard.

The new recall needs to install that software to keep the tank pressure from building up in case your car has the eight-legged stowaways. Mazda received reports of nine fuel tanks cracking, even with the springs in place, so the software is now going to be installed during this new recall.

Mazda is asking their customers to bring their cars this month into a dealer to have this software installed.

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