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Spiders car recall: Creepy little passengers offer potential problem to Suzuki

Car recall due to tiny spiders spinning their webs and clogging up the works!
Car recall due to tiny spiders spinning their webs and clogging up the works!
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

There is one eerie car recall going on today as 19,000 midsize cars have tiny passengers that could cause major havoc while putting drivers and passengers in possible jeopardy. Suzuki recalled some of their 2010 to 2013 cars due to spiders spinning webs that can clog the fuel vapor vent hose, which could cut off the air flow, according to ABC News on Aug. 27.

If the air flow to the fuel vapor vent hose is cut off this could cause the gas tank to deform, causing possible cracks and fuel leaks which could lead to a fire. It was after seven reports of the spider webs forming and cutting off the vapor vent hose air supply that prompted the recall, reports MSN Money.

So far in the U.S. the problem hasn’t caused any accidents or injuries, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While this recall is precautionary, it is still a bit creepy to think that spiders could be living in the inner workings of your car.

This isn’t the first recall by a car maker due to the eight legged creatures. Back in April 42,000 Mazda6 midsize cars were recalled for the same problem. The Mazda cars were from the model years of 2010 to t0 2012.

Owners of the Suzuki will get notification from the company, but for any questions on the recall car owners are asked to call the Suzuki Customer Service at 800-934-0934.

Suzuki has stopped selling their cars in the U.S. since they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in November of 2012.

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